Fold over right to left side Turn paper over.

You now have the hat folded into a square about 3 5/8 inches each way. We proceed now with the rest of the preparation for the trick:

Take a piece of black tissue paper, 15 inches square, and a piece of black tissue 6 1/2 inches square.

Put some paste on the inside two edges of the small square — AD and CD. Then place small square carefully on large square and press down pasted edges. This makes a large square of tissue with a pocket. The sides AB and BC are open.

When all pasted parts have dried, fold square of paper into small squares. This is done to keep the edges of the pocket from being noticeable.

Take the hat, which you have folded into a small square, and put a spot of paste, about an inch, at point indicated in illustration.

Open up pocket on large square of tissue and slip in folded hat as shown in illustration. Press down on pocket and hold until paste holds well. Set aside until dry.

Hold paper up by outer corner of pocket. Be careful to hold outer edges of pocket and those of large square together. You can show both sides of square quickly. It looks just like an unprepared black paper napkin.

Take a sheet of green tissue, same color as band used in making hat. Cut a sheet 15 inches square (same size as black sheet).

Place green and black sheets together and fold green in squares as you did with black sheet.

Put sheets on table, green on top. You are now ready to perform.

Pick up the two sheets of paper. Hold them up with the green sheet in front of the black one. Hold them at the corner in which the hat is concealed.

"Have you ever heard of French tissue paper millinery? It seems to be very popular in Paris.

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