preparing can so that it can be shown apparently full of grain and then reversed and shown empty.

Figure 38.

3 -- A square of opaque cloth large enough to cover can completely. About an 18-inch square usually serves.

SECRET: To Perform:

Figure 39.


Show box of grain. Tip it and run hand through grain so that all can see it plainly. Show can empty, being careful to conceal bottom of it. Dip can into box of grain and fill, then pour grain back into box to convince audience that you actually fill can.

Place can in box of grain again, reverse it, and bring it up with grain piled on top of prepared bottom.

Figure 39.

With your hand, brush away the excess grain from the prepared bottom—that is, the grain which is loose. Cover can with cloth, and as you do so, reverse it to bring opening to top. Place covered can on table or hold in hand.

Figure 40.

Suddenly remove cloth and show both sides of it. Then lift up can. Hold bottom toward yourself and show it empty.

Figure 41.


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