"This is a doll's house. A house where a doll lives. It has windows and doors and a chimney that slides back and forth."

Slide chimney back and forth on the roof. This adds a comedy touch.

"Would you like to see where Dolly lives? We'll open the front of the house."

Open up the front doors wide showing inside of house. Fig. 28.

"There is an upstairs and downstairs. A bed, a bureau and a rocking chair."

Remove articles one at a time, show and place on tray held by assistant to receive them.

"Here is a sofa and a piano."

Continue removing articles and naming each as you do so.

Remove the upper floor of house and the pegs supporting same. Give to assistant.

"So there's the house emptied from cellar to garret."

"And yet a dolly lives in the house. Some say she goes in and out the chimney."

Remove chimney and show opening in same. Give to assistant. "Let's see if Dolly is at home." Knock on the side of the house. NOTE:

Immediately after house is emptied and front doors are closed, the girl assistant pushes down the upper part of two partition doors, then pushes doors against the sides of the house. She raises the panel of floor. She pulls herself up a bit so at signal of knock on house she can suddenly appear.

Suddenly the roof opens up and up jumps Miss Dolly. Fig. 29.

If desired she can have an open brightly colored parasol which she opens as she rises up.

Performer opens front doors and assists girl to the floor.

Assistant then pushes doll house back and revolves it so audience does not get too careful a view inside house.

Doll house can be performed without extra assistant, in which case performer places things on a nearby stand or chair. At close of illusion as girl is produced and steps down, performer pushes front doors shut.

A chair placed in front of house at proper moment helps in allowing assistant to step down onto floor, although in most cases the jump to floor assisted by performer is easy to make gracefully.

In this lesson you have been shown three self-contained methods of concealing from one to six girls. As you continue in illusions you find other methods of concealment.

Given these various principles, I want you to vary them into original presentations and illusions of your own. Later on, in "The Chinaman, The Ghost and The Cat", I will show you how I take an illusion principle and build a pantomime act around it.


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Fundamentals of Magick

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