To Prepare:

It might be well to explain here just what a rainbow silk is. It is merely a silk which has been colored in a variety of tints, thus resembling a rainbow. The silks I usually work with are arranged in colors as shown in Figure 32. The blue, pink, light green, and orange has a pretty effect.

A great variety of color combinations may be used, however. If you desire to tint your own silks, get some white Chinese silk and daub it with various colors in Diamond Dyes. Wad the silk and dip it in spots, then hang it up to dry.

Now to prepare for the effect, tie a blue corner of the rainbow silk to a corner of the blue silk. Tuck the rainbow silk into one of the hollow billiard balls. Start with center of silk and work it in until knot is concealed in ball and opposite blue corner of rainbow silk extends about three inches outside of ball.

Figure 33.

Have silks thus prepared lying on table with blue silk covering ball. Place green silk and other rainbow silk beside the blue one. Have other hollow ball in right coat pocket or under rear part of rainbow silk. If you are doing club work, silks may be in your suitcase ready for use, or all silks may be in your right coat pocket.

To Perform:

Figure 34

This is an ideal number for an Oriental or silent act, as most of it is done in silence with pantomimic motions. However, introduced in a patter act, the silent parts are good and permit of comedy because of the unexpected results obtained. Your facial expression helps considerably, but, of course, it must not be overdone.

Pick up the green silk in left hand and the blue one with prepared ball in right hand. Keep back of right hand to audience to conceal ball.

Figure 34

Figure 35 shows both hands as audience sees them. It appears that you merely hold a green silk in your left hand and a blue one in your right.

"The title of this little play is 'Actions speak louder than words.' It was this way. Little Boy Blue (nod to blue silk) and Susie Green (nod to green silk) fell madly in love with each other and were married. Some kind folks say knotted together."

Tie a corner of the green silk to the blue corner sticking out of the ball. Keep ball concealed all the time.

Figure 36.

"They are spliced. I'd make a good minister. Not having three hands, I shall have to hold this young couple between my teeth while I continue with the play. Naturally, with the silks in my mouth, I shall have to talk like a man with his mouth full of bananas or keep silent. Silence, being golden, wins the argument. Of course, you nor I may never know how the play comes out or what it is all about, but there are some things we must sacrifice for the good of science."

Place ball in mouth under cover of right hand, allowing knotted corners of silks to remain in full view.

Figure 37.

Pick up second rainbow silk and second ball from table or your pocket, wherever you have them. Keep ball palmed in right hand and show silk freely. Work rainbow silk into ball as you were taught in the effect, HANDKERCHIEF TO BILLIARD BALL-METHOD 1.

In this case, do not expose ball but keep it palmed in right hand. After getting silk into ball, pretend to pass silk over to left hand, which closes as if it held silk. Strike top of head with left hand, lift hand and show it empty. This gives illusion of causing silk to penetrate head.

Grasp blue silk with one hand a short distance from mouth and green silk below the knots with other hand. Begin to pull slowly on silks until rainbow silk begins to emerge from mouth.

Figure 38.

While drawing silks from mouth, keep head slightly bent downward to prevent anyone from seeing ball. When silks have been completely withdrawn, close mouth quickly, retaining ball in mouth.

Figure 39.

Release hold on silks with right hand and let them hang suspended from fingers on left hand. Then hold the three silks together in left hand and stroke them with right hand. Just as you reach bottom ends, bring billiard ball to right

finger-tips and show it, carefully concealing opening. It appears that you extracted ball from the silks. You may stroke silks once and produce the ball the second time.

Figure 40.

Place the string of silks over the left shoulder. Pretend to transfer billiard ball to left hand, keeping it Finger Palmed in right hand. Bring closed left hand to top of head and strike head. With tongue roll ball in mouth around so that opening in it is not exposed and open mouth to show ball. It appears that ball penetrated head and came into mouth.

Figure 41.

Remove ball from mouth with left hand. While showing ball, remove string of silks from shoulder with right hand so that you can dispose of Finger Palmed ball in them.

"And the funny part is that the young couple never found out whether his grandfather slept with his whiskers underneath the covers or whether he kept them on the outside."


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