Place tip of right index finger at selected point on ring. Then place finger-tip just back of this point, raising it and replacing to accent point.

Figure 35.

"I will connect each ring just at the point the gentleman has touched. Watch!"

Walk up to one spectator holding a single ring. your ring against his at the selected point.

Figure 36.


Place your ring against his again at selected point. Be careful to conceal opening X in left hand and tilt left side of ring upward a little.

Figure 37.

"Hold your ring tight, sir."

Now strike his ring again WITH YOUR RING HELD AT ANGLE OF 45 DEGREES, slanting down from left hand.

Figure 38.

With your ring at an angle, the blow causes spectator's ring to be forced suddenly to the left near the opening X of your ring.

Figure 39.

Spectator's ring automatically goes into opening in your Key ring and comes back to selected point, linked in your ring. Release opening from left hand just enough to permit penetration of other ring and then conceal it again in left hand. The illusion is that spectator's ring penetrated your ring at selected point.

Figure 40.

Figures 41 and 42 gives another view of this movement.

You are holding opening X in left hand and indicating selected point with right index finger. Your ring is on a slant downward from the left hand. As you strike spectator's ring at selected point, his ring is pushed suddenly to the left, slips into opening X, is linked in your ring, and comes back to selected point at tip of right index finger.

This all happens so quickly that the illusion of penetration AT SELECTED POINT is perfect. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MOVE, AND, IT ALONE, IS WORTH MANY DOLLARS TO THE MAGICIAN PERFORMING LINKING RINGS. Practice it well until you absolutely master it. You will be well repaid for your time and effort.

Move your ring up and down through spectator's ring to show that they are actually linked.

Figure 43.

"The two rings are linked together at the selected point."

The moment you have shown linking of rings, push your left hand through spectator's ring, taking ring away from him on your left wrist. Pass on quickly to another spectator holding single ring.

Figure 44.

"Hold tight, sir. Watch the point on my ring."

Raise right forefinger again and lower to indicate selected point.

Strike his ring at selected point, then raise your ring suddenly, strike his ring again and link it as you were taught to do. Quickly show rings linked and thrust your right hand through his ring. Carry his ring away on your right wrist.

Figure 45.

Continue linking the rings on until all four have been taken up. Take ring from third spectator after it is linked by passing your left hand through his ring. Take ring from fourth spectator by passing right hand through his ring.

Allow the four rings to fall to bottom of your Key ring, hanging from left hand.

Figure 46.

"Four rings 1 inked on my ring -- each at the point selected by the gentleman."

Spin the four rings on the Key ring. The noise and movement add action at this point.

Stop suddenly as though some spectator had said something.

"What! Why, of course, if you can put them on, you can take them off!"

Quickly bring the four rings up with right hand near opening X concealed in left hand.

Figure 47A.

Figure 47B,

Slip rings through opening X with aid of right hand. Then drop them one at a time into right hand.

Figure 47B,

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