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Plate 1.

Plate 2.


Plate 3.

"Renowned Escape Artist". Note Mow the photo of Madame Mardoni sells her crystal gazing work.

In these folders you note that each picture sells ONE idea and is not a conglomeration of many. Therein lies POWER.

Some performers have their pictures taken by a cheap photographer, the lighting is poor and the picture shows tables piled high with magical apparatus. The performer wears a misfit second-hand dress suit and carries a wand. The whole picture looks as if it might have been taken in the tintype period.

How does a performer hope to sell himself at a good fee with such a picture? DO NOT HAVE YOUR PHOTO MADE WITH A TABLE PILED HIGH WITH APPARATUS. It is not the conglomeration of apparatus that sells you, but WHAT YOU DO WITH IT. You must sell your PERSONALITY. You are a MAGICIAN and not a dealer in hardware or antique furnishings.

Do you want to belong to the Marshall Field or the ten-cent store class? Do you want to belong to the Rolls Royce model or the Skeedunk 1899 model?

It doesn't cost any more to print a good picture than a bad one as far as the printer is concerned, but it does add to the expense to print a "bum" picture, as far as selling results is concerned.

This is a new age, a speedy age, an age of flash and color. People want things at a glance. Give it to them.

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