How To Present A Program

A little farther on in the course I will give you suggestions for several programs. You may prefer, however, to arrange an original program for yourself. If you do this, remember to choose your tricks carefully for the audience and for the occasion.

Make a list of the tricks which appeal to you most and which you seem best able to perform. Remember your dramatic effect in arranging these tricks, working up to a climax. It is best to keep your tricks in divisions, such as paper tricks in one, string tricks in another, etc. However, arrange the sequence of effects so that one blends into the other.


As you have no assistant at this time and must present your program alone, I suggest that you secure a suitcase, about 10 x 15 inches. Put small wooden partitions in it to separate the paraphernalia for each trick. You can then arrange your materials nicely so that they are easily "getable."

When you are working on a stage with curtains and have an opportunity to prepare for your performance, you can arrange things easily, but for club or parlor work, you will find the use of the suitcase almost a necessity.

When you come to your show, you have in your pockets, of course, those things which require working from the pocket, such as the Thumb Tip, etc. You can come in with your suitcase, place it on a table, open the top up toward audience and prop it up with a stick or have a special catch made and you are ready to begin. The top of the suitcase acts as a screen for your movements in removing paraphernalia. You have everything in order so that there is no fumbling about, looking for apparatus. Then when you are through with your performance, replace the paraphernalia which is still out, close up your suitcase, and walk away.

Arranging Your Audience:

Always try to arrange your audience in front of you. There should be an angle of 45 degrees at least from you to your spectators on extreme sides, and they should be far enough in front so that they cannot see moves which you do not want them to see.

It is not always possible, however, to arrange your audience in the ideal way. For emergency you should carry tricks with you which can be performed under difficulties.

Club work often presents great difficulties because people are all around you. You must have fool-proof tricks ready to perform at a moment's notice. Work at club luncheons is especially difficult because of the angles of visibility. Try to get a corner in which to work so that you are out of the angles of visibility of the audience.

If people insist on sitting at the sides, I tell them that they can see my work much better from the front as my

body covers so much of the effects from their view when they are at the sides.

Sometimes you can secure a parlor screen or two to close off a small stage. This will help you considerably.

Look to your lighting before you begin. The ideal lighting is from the front -that coming from the rear is apt to expose the effects. So size up the situation from the standpoint of placing of audience and lighting and place yourself so that you may perform to the best advantage.

Do all you can to guard your secrets from detection -- for your own success in the work as well as for the good of the profession as a whole.

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