How To Locate The Temperamental And Sentimental Development Of The Face

For rapid analysis it is well to read the Temperamental and Sentimental aspects of the face together as they are closely related.

The face can be divided into three great areas. The Vital-Commercial is located in the cheeks, in the fleshy, non-bony

region. To determine this region, look in the mirror and puff your cheeks out with air. The Will-Protective area is formed by the cheek and jaw bones. The Mental-Evolution area consists of the upper lip, the nose, and rest of the head.

Figures 1 and 2.

How You Properly Wipe Your Butt Diagram

When the Vital-Commercial predominates, the cheeks are full and the face rounded. Figures 3 and 4.

When the Will-Protective leads, the jaws are squared. The lines from ears to jaw are straight up and down.

Figures 5 and 6.

When the Mental-Evolution predominates, the face is triangular in shape. The cheeks and jaws are not well developed. The nose is finely developed — it is rather narrow and finely chiseled.

Figures 7 and 8.

Many people are so unbalanced that the predominating Temperament and Sentiment are easily recognized. Determine this first and then appeal to the man according to his stage of life. If the various areas blend harmoniously, appeal to all of them.

We will not discuss the areas manifested by the individual Sentiment as it results from the powerful development of the three areas just discussed. Your problems are not with the individual Sentiment as it seeks to help you. But you do need to know the three I have described.

Your power to control people and appeal to them will depend a great deal on your ADAPTABILITY.

Some people refuse to adapt themselves to others, but expect others to adapt themselves to their requirements. This is a mistake if you wish to be a successful salesman. You must first meet a man on his own ground, get his confidence, and then take him over to your side. You must be tolerant and understanding. Remember that your appeal is for a purpose, and though you may have to bow down for a while, in the end you win.

The world craves appreciation and understanding, and if you can show a man that you are appreciative of his wants, you have won a big part of the battle. There are times when we must yield as well as times when we must stand pat.

Discover the kind of heaven which a man has in mind, and you stand a chance of winning that man. The Commercialist will talk about leaving this vale of tears and going to a land where all is comfort and peace and eternal happiness -- where angels play beautiful music on harps. There he will have no more work, no more suffering, and everything his heart desires will be his. He pictures heaven as a place where all his physical wants will be taken care of and where there will be no pain. He hates pain. He is the type who makes a big fuss over some small ailment and goes to a dozen doctors.

The Protectionist's idea of heaven makes it a place where people obey the law and behave themselves and where he doesn't have to be on his guard most of the time against people who would take advantage of him. He wants a heaven where he can work in peace and accomplish something. The Commercialist doesn't want work in heaven but the Protectionist does. He hates lazy people.

The Evolutionist's idea of heaven is a place where there are stages of development and where finally one is educated to complete understanding. He believes that in his heaven wisdom solves all life's problems.

Thus you can readily see why some people worship the god of love, the god of power, and the god of wisdom.

The Individualist realizes that happiness comes from a consolidation of all three gods — from the proper development and balance and use of all three.

Let us now take up the big, important elements in your appeal to the three common types. We shall not discuss the Individualist for he is in the great minority and, besides, he naturally seeks to help you.

The Commercialist

Appeal to him through feelings, emotions, appetites, and impressions, for he is guided by these rather than reason. He judges success by financial power and material results. He judges you by your appearance, your dignity, your reputation, and your prosperous appearance. He is a slave to custom and goes by appearances and hearsay. He bows his head to authorities and celebrities. He caters to public opinion and wants to stand as a shining example to others. He wants thorough appreciation and sympathy. He accepts praise at its face value. He welcomes any proposition that will enhance his position and reputation. He likes to deal with a big firm that has many branch offices and has been in business for many years. "Established 1812" commands his respect.

Figures 9 and 10.

The Commercials


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