Hindoo Paper Tearing

This is another variation of the torn and restored paper effect with a different way of handling the thumb tip and of getting rid of the extra piece of paper.


A strip of colored tissue paper about 30 inches long and 1 inch wide is carefully shown, then torn into a number of small pieces, which are placed in a saucer and burned. The performer shows hands empty, then reaches into the ashes and with the tip of his first finger and thumb of right hand takes a pinch of the ashes. A few magic words and the bits of ashes change to the strip of paper, which is unfolded and shown to be restored.


1--Two strips of colored tissue paper, preferably bright colored, about 30 inches long and 1 inch wide.

2-Thumb Tip.

3--A saucer or little brass dish.

4--Small box of matches.


Fold or rather pleat the strip of paper down small and place in thumb tip. Push thumb tip, containing paper, into match box cover. This forces the box of matches out a little over half way. Tip should be completely hidden in cover so that a spectator looking directly down on box could not see it.

Have box prepared with thumb tip and paper on a table, end of box with tip away from audience. Have a strip of paper and a saucer or little brass dish near box.

Pick up strip of paper from table. Hold one end with left hand and other with right hand, letting audience see palms of hands. Show paper freely on both sides.

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