Hanging Oneself With Ropes


Performer shows two pieces of rope, each about six feet long. He then places the ropes around his neck and ties them securely. In a moment he jerks the rope off, apparently right through his neck; for when he shows the ropes, the loops, which a moment before were around his neck, are still in the ropes.


Two pieces of rope, preferably soft white clothes line -- each about 6 ft. long.


To Perform:

Bring forth the two ropes.

"Some time ago a magician was in a strange land and amongst strange people. His wanderings about the world had led him into peculiar places. Whether the people of this particular land were cannibals, Hottentots, or wild men I do not know, but when these natives saw the magician they quickly pounced on him and made him prisoner. He was led before the king, who, after some peculiar jibberish, beckoned to the Royal Executioner. The Royal Executioner thereupon took two ropes, something like these which I have here in my hands."

Show ropes and give them a good pull to show that they are strong.

Then hold ropes in right hand with middle of ropes across palm of hand and ends hanging down. Now pass one of the ropes over onto left hand.

Rope now on left hand is held in a special manner. Study illustrations carefully. With back of hand toward audience, lay the middle of the rope over forefinger of left hand. Pass second finger in front of rope and third and fourth fingers behind it, as in Figure 27.

Now lay the second rope B over left forefinger so that all of your fingers are between the strands of the rope. Positions of both ropes shown in Figure 28.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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