G0&UERS Figure 22

Raise the lower left side of your vest and place the folded flag against your body with the blue side inward and the red side outward. Allow vest to fall down to cover flag completely. You will find that vest is tight enough to hold folded flag safely until needed.

Figure 23.

Have the red, the white, and the blue silks lying on the table. If you first perform the dye tube effect, pick up the red and blue silks and take an extra white one.

To Perform:

Pick up red silk with right hand and shake it. "A red silk."

Place it in left hand and pick up white silk with right hand and shake it.

Figure 24.

"A white silk."

Place white silk on top of red one in left hand, then pick up blue silk and shake it with right hand.

"And a blue one."

As you shake blue silk in right hand, reach up under left side of vest with left thumb. Turn bottom edge of vest upward, and with aid of left fingers get flag into left palm. The MISDIRECTION you use here is keeping the attention of the audience on the silk in right hand.

Figure 25.

Figure 2 6 shows a close view of your movements securing the flag with left hand.

Slide your left thumb downward and let edge of vest fall into original position. Sliding of thumb will adjust vest correctly.


This is the Principle of VESTING. Before you go any farther with this lesson, get a flag or piece of silk and practice this thoroughly in front of your mirror. Bring your left thumb up under vest and raise edge of vest just enough to get silk into hand. Then bring hand down again, adjusting vest at the same time. Keep your left hand almost flat but in a natural position.

Many performers try to reach up with their hands under their vests, but the easiest and least detectable way is to raise lower edge of vest with thumb, as taught to you above. Billiard balls, eggs, lemons, and other objects can be VESTED and produced in similar manner.

Flag is now concealed in left hand and behind other silks.

Figure 27 is view away from audience.

Place blue silk in left hand with the others. With right hand gather up the silks, crumpling them up in right hand.

Figure 2 8.

"I take a corner of the blue silk."

Pick up corner B (blue) of flag and expose it about half an inch.

"And a corner of the red one."

Pick up corner A (red) of flag and pull it out a short way.

"A peculiar thing about red, white, and blue is its power to blend."

Grasp A with left forefinger and thumb and B with right forefinger and thumb, or vice versa.

Figure 29.

Pull hands apart, allowing flag to open out. The three silks are concealed in palm of right hand.

Figure 30 is a view away from audience.

To show opposite side of flag, bring right hand back toward yourself and over to the left under left arm. This keeps right hand concealed behind flag. Left hand goes over to right and arm is in front of flag. Each hand retains its original hold on flag. You merely turn flag around to show other side.

Figure 31 is view as audience sees it.

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