Release A from right hand and hold only B in it. Pivot B around a little on A until hands are holding rings by outside edges as shown in Figure 151. Hold rings in vertical position again. B is behind A toward yourself.

In this position, rings seem to be linked together and the following motions convince audience that they are linked.

With rings pressed together, push B toward left hand and then bring it back to position shown in Figure 151. As you do this, raise lower edge of B and then strike it smartly against lower edge of A. Lift lower edge of B about two inches. The illustration shows edge of B lifted higher, but it is just to make it clearer to you how you do this move. Arrow indicates point where B strikes A.

Figure 152.

Repeat this once or twice. Then with circular motion, draw rings apart and hand them out for examination, telling spectators to see whether they can put them together again.

Pick up rings from chair as if they were single rings. Go back to Figure 136 and perform moves from that point through Figure 141. Then pass linked rings out to audience, telling spectators to see whether they can get the rings apart.

The paraphernalia described in this lesson can be obtained from the Tarbell System at the following prices, postage prepaid.

Linking Rings $10.00

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