"How's that? This envelope makes a good look-out station."

Pick up scissors and cut about three-quarters of an inch from the top of the envelope.

"We shall cut a hole in the roof, or make a window on top, or something. We have three good watchers inside in the form of the three cards that were selected. Yo ho! Yo ho! A ship in sight!"

Assistant pulls thread and first card rises up. Or if you are performing alone, move backwards enough to make the card rise. Figure 10.

"Watchman Number One is right on the job — the king of all he surveys. Your King of Diamonds, sir."

Remove the King. To the audience, of course, it appears that the card rose up from the envelope. Though the card really came up from behind the envelope, the illusion is perfect.

"Another ship."

The next threaded card is caused to rise.

"And another watchman on the job. (To spectator who drew card.) You see, sir, he doesn't want you to go on the rocks. The Eight of Spades was your card, was it not? Eight bells, and all's well."

Remove card.

"The boys are working in shifts. Next shift!"

Assistant causes Ten of Hearts to rise more slowly.

"A little lazier than the rest. (In a loud voice.) A shipful of pretty girls in sight!"

Assistant pulls thread quickly. This, of course, causes the card to rise up suddenly.

"That's getting some action."

Remove card.


Another way of making frame for envelope and tin card case is to have a flat piece of tin or heavier metal soldered to bottom of frame to form a base for it to stand on. This eliminates the pedestal but makes it necessary for you to have a table on which to set the frame. Figure 11.

If card case, or houlette, as it is commonly called, is made of brass it can be nickel plated.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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