Place thumb on top card about half an inch from corner AC. Push outer card upward diagonally about an inch or so.

Figure 30.

Raise first finger and place it in front of corner AC. Figure 31.

Grip corner between first and second fingers and pull card to horizontal position. Put thumb under card.

Figure 32.

With aid of thumb, push card into position shown in Figure 33.

Figure 34 shows how production looks to audience. Card appears suddenly at finger-tips as if it came out of the air.


The ANGLE OF VISIBILITY is very important in this production. Hold your hand at a 45-degree angle in relation to your body. You can then conceal the palmed cards well as you produce them, one at a time, even if fingers widen a bit during movements.

Figure 35.

Just before making the production, it is easy for you to palm off the cards from the deck. After you have produced these, palm a few more and continue the production if you desire.

This production is a favorite of Howard Thurston, one of the foremost Magicians of the day.

Figure 36.

To Vanish Cards One at a Time and Produce Them Again

A special stand for holding cards comes in handy for this effect. If you want to have one, secure a stand used for display purposes in show windows and have clips soldered on to it.

Figure 36.

It is not necessary to have the stand, however. Start with a fan of cards in your left hand -- say, five cards. Cards are fanned toward the right so that it will be easy to remove each one. If desired an assistant can hold cards.

Figure 37.

Take first card with right hand and with a slight tossing motion upward, vanish it on back of right hand. Then take next card in position shown in Figure 38.

Hold it even with first card in preparation for vanishing it also by Back Palming. Notice position of thumb.

Figure 39.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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