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With right side of body toward audience, reach into air with empty right hand and pretend to pick a coin from nowhere. Close hand as though it holds a coin, then open it slowly and show empty hand as though coin had gone again. Reach up again and take an imaginary coin from the air. Figure 15.

Toss this imaginary coin into the hat. As right hand is over the hat, release the top coin under your left fingers and let it drop into the hat. The illusion is perfect. The audience hears the coin fall and it appears that you actually threw a coin into the hat with your right hand. Figure 16.

"There's one coin."

Reach into hat and take out coin. Hold in Finger Clip position and show it to audience on both sides. Figure 17.

Now apparently toss coin back into hat again, but as right hand travels toward hat, Front Thumb Palm the coin. Figures 18 and 19.

Continue movement of right hand to hat as though throwing coin in. Figure 16.

At the same instant allow another coin to drop from left fingers into hat. Be sure to time the dropping of the coin from left fingers properly with the action of the right hand in pretending to toss the coin into the hat.

"And another over here."

Reach up into the air again at another point and pretend to catch another coin from the air. This time you show the coin. You produce it by forcing out the coin which you have Thumb Palmed to your finger tips and hold it in the Production Clip position. The movement of your hand in reaching up for a coin will cover the movement of producing the coin. Figures 20 and 21.

Finger Clip the coin and pretend to throw it into the hat. In reality, Thumb Palm the coin again and at the right instant let another coin drop from left fingers into the hat.

"I'm beginning to see lots of coins."

Produce the next coin from under right knee. Pretend to throw it into the hat, but Palm it and drop a fourth coin from left hand.

Now produce a coin from behind your left elbow. Raise hat with left hand and hold right hand with coin Finger Clipped under crown of hat. Figure 22 shows position of hands.

Now pretend to throw coin right through bottom of hat. As hand goes up to hat, Thumb Palm the coin again and let a fifth coin drop from left hand into hat. Figure 23.

"That one went right through."

Pretend to pick coin from air again, producing coin in Production Clip position from right hand. Pretend to throw it high into the air; in the meantime, Palm it again. Hold left arm outstretched. Follow imaginary coin with your eyes-look upward as though watching it go up and then down to hat. Pretend to catch it in hat, and at the right instant drop a sixth coin from left hand into hat. Make this as real as possible.

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