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L'i"<■■'. r. At this point, stop a moment and face audience. Figure 26.

"Last night a young man explained this trick to a young lady sitting next to him in the theater. He said, 'You watch that magician when he gathers up the rings. He will start for the stage, and as he turns around, he will exchange the rings in his hand for some others which he has hanging on his back under his coat.

As you say this, turn quickly toward stage to illustrate your meaning. When your back is turned, slip the Key ring from your inside coat pocket on to your right hand with rest of rings.

Figure 27.

Bring all the rings in right hand up over your right shoulder.

Figure 2 8.

"Imagine me carrying a bunch of rings on my back." Turn to face audience.

"I hope you do not accuse me of such nonsense. Will you please touch one of these rings, sir?"

Hold rings in right hand toward spectator, turning the Key ring slightly toward him. Be careful to cover opening in ring with thumb and fingers of right hand.

Figure 29.

Spectator will, in most cases, touch ring nearest to him -- the Key ring. Regardless of which ring he touches, however, you turn the bunch of rings in toward your body and take Key ring in left hand.

Give bunch of linked rings from right hand to a spectator to hold.

"Please hold these rings for a moment. This gentleman has selected a ring for me to use. I find it a good one."

Hold ring up, with thumb and finger of left hand covering opening X. Right hand is in same position on other side of ring. Expose palms of hands to audience.

Figure 30.

Close left hand over ring. To give effect of revolving ring to show it solid all around, hold ring tight with left hand and bring hand upward. As you do this, close right hand over ring.

Figure 31.

Now bring left hand downward, holding opening X tight. As ring turns, slide right hand over ring downward until hands are in position shown in Figure 32.

Perform this move about three times. Practice it well in front of your mirror. Notice how deceptive the move is in giving the appearance of actually revolving the ring several times.

"Now, if you who are holding the other rings up the aisle will hold them in this manner, I will try to make a chain for you, linking the rings together as you hold them in your hands, right before your eyes."

Show spectators holding single rings how to grasp them. Demonstrate with your own ring, grasping it with both hands close together at the bottom.

Figure 33.

Now come forward and ask another spectator to touch ring at any point. Hold ring toward him as shown in Figure 34, carefully concealing opening X.

"Touch this ring anywhere you like, sir."

Spectator will usually touch side of ring nearest to him at a point between your hands. If he touches other side of ring, merely reverse ring, bringing this side to front.

"Thanks. Now, please notice this point. I shall place my fingertip near it to mark it."


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