Examples Of Window Cards

Plate 6 shows four window cards that I drew up for Reno, Laurant, Abbott and Elmore. The Reno and Laurant Cards are 11 x 16 inches, as that is standard size used by the Redpath Bureau. The Abbott and Elmore cards are 11 x 17 inches (They are cut three out of card stock 22 x 28 inches).

The Reno card is printed in four colors, red, yellow, blue and black. It is printed from zinc cuts with exception of picture of Reno which is made from half-tone process. This is an excellent style card for the magician as it tells a story at a glance.

The Laurant card is printed in three colors, vermilion red, blue and black. It could be printed in two colors, red and blue, the black being formed by overlapping the red and blue.

By printing with red and blue, some interesting three color effects can be obtained. This knowledge has saved some big printing bills for some of my large customers.

The card is made from zinc cuts, the face being Ben-Dayed.

The Abbott card is printed with black on a bright yellow stock. The bright stock with black printing makes a very attractive card. Printed from zinc cut with exception of the photo which is a half-tone.

The Elmore card is printed in two colors, red and black. It, too, is printed from zinc cuts. Note the opening of the eyes, the shadows and the devils to create mystery.

Plate 7 gives two examples of foreign type set window displays. Instead of being printed on card, they are printed on heavy enameled paper and held in window by a touch of glue or sticker on each corner. Rae's poster is printed with black on white paper, while Syko's is printed with a nice deep blue on white.

Rae's poster is adapted to England while Syko's was designed for South America.



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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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