This is easy to make. It is just a small cloth bag with one side double. The size is 9 inches wide by 8

inches deep.

Cut out one piece of cloth, 10 x 17 inches, and another, 10 x 8 1/2 inches.

Hem the edges all around to keep them from raveling, turning them about a quarter of an inch. Fold the larger piece of cloth in two. The smaller piece will now exactly fit over the larger doubled piece. Place smaller piece on the folded piece and sew carefully around three of the sides, leaving the fourth side free for the opening of the bag. Now sew top of smaller piece to top of side of bag nearest to it. Use thread of the same color or a little darker than the material, never lighter.

Now measure up 2 1/4 inches from the bottom of the bag. Sew across the bag on this line, catching the smaller piece of cloth and the side of the bag nearest to it. Cut a slit four inches long in the smaller piece of cloth, just above the stitching. Sew the edges of this opening to prevent raveling. Figure 30.

Figure 22 shows trick notice that top of ext top of one side of the way up from bottom of sewed to side of bag, opening which you left were inserted in the t position between parti in Figure 23.

Turn bag inside out. This brings trick opening on inside of bag. Figure 21 shows bag as it looks to audience.

Figure 22 shows trick notice that top of ext top of one side of the way up from bottom of sewed to side of bag, opening which you left were inserted in the t position between parti in Figure 23.

opening inside of bag. You ra partition of bag is sewed to bag proper. About one-third bag this partition is again except for the four-inch above the stitching. If an egg rick opening it would come into tion and side of bag as shown

The articles you are going to produce we shall call the Body Load. Take the baby bonnet, shirt, and dress, and roll them up tight. Around this bundle wrap a pair of baby's stockings. Then around all this wrap the lady's stocking and hold the end in place with a pin. This gives you a small compact package which is easy to unwrap when the pin is removed.

On edge of bundle fasten a pin. Through middle of pin place a loop of black thread about an inch or two long. This thread should be strong enough to hold the bundle but not so strong that it cannot be broken easily when pulled.

Pin other end of loop to left side of vest, high enough up so that bundle hangs in the hollow of the waist. When coat hangs down naturally this bundle cannot be seen. Figure 24.

The detail diagram at the upper right corner of Figure 24 shows the arrangement of the pin on the end of the bundle, the loop, and the pin on the vest.

Now to get ready for your experiment--Have the body load in place. Put an egg into the trick opening in the egg bag, turn bag upside down and let egg drop to top of bag, directly above trick opening. Egg is now between partition and one side of bag at the top. Fold bag and lay it aside, being careful that form of egg does not show. Have the other egg in right coat pocket. Fold prepared handkerchief and have it handy. If you are doing a club show, have handkerchief and egg bag in your grip, and all you have to do is to reach in for them when you need them.

To Perform:

Come forward with prepared handkerchief.

"I want a nice little girl to hold this magic handkerchief."

Pick out some little girl in the audience and give her the handkerchief to hold.

"That's it. Hold it up high. Now, can I get a boy to hold this egg?"

Reach into pocket and take out egg. Give it to boy.

If you desire, you may produce the egg in this way. While attention is directed to the girl holding the handkerchief, reach into your right coat pocket, palm the egg, and then produce it from a lady's hair or some gentleman's ear. Keep back of hand uppermost until production is made so that egg will not be exposed. Productions of this kind, of course, add to the comedy of an effect. As you take the egg, say,

"Pardon me, but may I use this egg?" Then give egg to boy and say,

"Hold the egg up high. Can everyone in the back see? Well, maybe you had both better come forward a bit."

With a hand on each of your little assistants lead them to the stage. Some children hesitate about coming up, so you must help them along with little remarks and a little leading.

Place the girl at your left and the boy at your right. Ask their names and introduce them to each other. Let us assume that her name is Frances and his name is John.

"I don't suppose you have ever held a magic handkerchief before, have you, Frances?"

Unfold the handkerchief and hold it by two corners, showing both sides.

"There isn't really any difference between a magic handkerchief and the kind we usually have as far as looks are concerned. The only difference is that when you tell it to do something, it will do that thing. If I should drop this handkerchief on the floor and tell it to dance, it, being a magic handkerchief, would have to dance. That would be rather funny, wouldn't it, Frances, to see a handkerchief dance?"

Gather up the four corners of the handkerchief this way: First get handkerchief into position between your two hands so that white thread mark is in left hand and opening between handkerchiefs is on top. Right hand holds the other top corner.

Now place the right-hand corner over with the left, bring up the lower right-hand corner and finally the lower left-hand corner. Hold all four corners in your left hand.

Figure 25.

Reach Into the opening, indicated by the arrow in the above illustration, and spread it out so that it looks like one of the spaces between the corners of the handkerchief.

"Now, I'll just gather the handkerchief by the corners and let you hold it as am, Frances."

Give handkerchief to Frances to hold by the four corners, keeping prepared opening toward John.

Get the Egg Bag.

"John, I suppose you still believe in fairies and brownies and all that sort of thing; but you would, no doubt, be surprised anyway if a fairy princess came tripping put of this bag which I have here and tapped you with her magic wand. I guess we'd all be surprised."

Unfold bag and hold it with the OPENING DOWNWARD so that the egg will not fall out through trick opening and into the bag. Be sure to have double side of bag containing the egg nearest you.

Now turn bag around so that double side comes toward audience, screening egg with right fingers. Reach into each side of bag with thumbs and turn bag inside out.

Figure 26.

This brings the double side of bag nearest you again with the egg concealed in it against your right palm.

Figure 27.

"Well, there is no need to be surprised for there is nothing inside the bag."

Turn bag inside out and back to outside again quickly several times. The trick opening in the double side of bag is not visible to audience. As you turn bag, it is stretched a little and there are folds in it so that the opening cannot be seen.

Now with trick opening again on inside, roll up bag. Hold egg in right hand and strike left hand several times with other end of bag. This is to prove that bag is empty.

Figure 28.

Unfold bag again, keeping double side nearest you. Hold bag now with opening at top as you would naturally. The egg automatically drops down through trick opening into the bag. Fold the bag again.

"John, if you hold the egg in your left hand, I will give you this bag to hold in your right. Then you will be doing it RIGHT."

Give folded bag to boy to hold at the top. He cannot feel egg inside as this is at the bottom.

Figure 29.

"By the way, John, were you ever a magician?"

He will, of course, shake his head or say, "No."

"You were. That's fine. Then I can let you do this trick instead of me. Frances, you don't mind if John does the trick, do you? Oh, you'll help him? Well, that's better yet. All right, John, bring the egg over and drop it into the handkerchief. First hold it up and show it to the audience and then drop it into the handkerchief."

Have John drop egg into opening you have prepared between the two. handkerchiefs. You can open it wider as he goes to drop egg in so that he will have no difficulty in getting it into the right place.

Figure 30.

To all appearances he has dropped egg into center of handkerchief, but in reality he dropped it between the two handkerchiefs through the fake opening.

"Yes, you dropped it all right. I can feel it. Frances, do you feel the egg resting so cozily here in the bottom of the handkerchief?"

Let her feel the egg through the handkerchief. Figure 31.

Reach over and take the MARKED corner of handkerchief between your left thumb and forefinger and take the next corner with your right thumb and forefinger. Be careful that you take the right corner in your right hand to keep opening of handkerchiefs at the top. Do not remove handkerchief from Frances' hands yet.

"Now, Frances, if you will take the egg."

Now take the handkerchief. Let the other two corners of handkerchief, which you do not hold, fall down so that handkerchief is spread out between your hands before the audience. The egg falls to the bottom between the two handkerchiefs. It seems that the egg has vanished into the air. Show both sides of handkerchief.

Figure 32.

"That's strange! I thought we had an egg."

Crumple up handkerchief in right hand and place it in coat pocket or some other convenient place where egg will not be visible.

"Oh, I forgot that was a magic handkerchief and that the egg, not being an Easter egg, would not stay in the magic handkerchief. John, give me that bag."

Take bag from John and open it. Be careful to show hands empty. Hold bag with opening upward by your finger tips.

"Now, John, reach inside."

John reaches in and takes out the egg.

Then you take the egg in your right hand. Figure 33.

"There's the egg! John, I congratulate you. I forgot you were a master magician and so you played a trick on Frances and me. Now, Frances, suppose I show John a trick. Watch me closely. Here is a bag and here is an egg."

Bag is in left hand and egg in right hand. Show both freely.

"I will place the egg inside of the bag."

Hold bag in left hand as shown in Figure 34. Double side is nearest you. With right hand place the egg inside the bag and into the trick opening.

Turn open end of bag downward, letting the egg fall between the partition and outside of bag just opposite the trick opening.

Position of bag and egg is shown in Figure 34A.

"And when I say, 'Go,' the egg will disappear. Are you ready? One, two, three -- Go!"

Remove right hand quickly from bag, keeping back of hand to audience. Shake bag up and down, keeping your eyes on it. Then suddenly reach into right trouser's pocket with right hand and quickly withdraw hand.

The effect you are trying to create to the audience is that you took the egg from the bag and placed it in your pocket and that you tried to do this unobserved.

Turn bag inside out and back again several times.


Now turn bag wrong side out again with the trick opening toward you. Egg is, of course, on right side of bag at the top of it, which is held downward.

Figure 35.

Cover trick opening with thumb, holding the bag by the right corner in the right hand. Turn this side of bag to audience and back again toward yourself.

Figure 36.

Of course, there is excitement in the audience for they KNOW that you placed egg in your pocket. You are working for this excitement and the comedy touch and you pretend not to notice what the audience is saying.

"There, I have turned the bag inside out and outside in to show you that the egg has disappeared."

The audience will be saying, "It's in your pocket." You assume great surprise and say,

"In my pocket? No, no, there is nothing in my pocket."

Turn your left trouser's pocket out and replace. Audience says, "No, the other pocket."

Show your vest pocket. As the audience insists that you have the egg in your other pocket, show your coat pockets.

Finally, pretend that you at last understand what they mean.

"Oh, you mean in my trouser's pocket? Oh, no, there is nothing there. Now, we'll continue."

As you have not shown your right trouser's pocket, the audience is convinced that the egg is there. The excitement grows greater than ever.

Now turn your right trouser's pocket inside out. It is empty, of course.

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