Effects With Rabbits

The Production and Vanishing of animals is an important part of Magic. The rabbit seems to be the most popular animal for this work. He is easy to handle and the audience always likes to see a rabbit, especially if there are children among the spectators.

In this lesson I teach you how to produce and vanish a rabbit, using apparatus which is simple to make. All you need is a hammer and saw, a paint brush, and some wood. Despite the simplicity of the apparatus, the effects are most mystifying.

Once you learn the principle of construction of the apparatus, you can use it in any size or shape for production and vanishing of other animals. A guinea pig, a couple of doves, a chicken, a duck, a white mouse -- or even three or four rabbits — may be produced and vanished by building the apparatus in accordance with the requirements. Various other articles may be produced and vanished with the same apparatus -- such as an elaborate silk production with various colored Chinese or Japanese silks.


This effect is valuable for the production and vanishing of a rabbit. It has also possibilities for the transforming of articles -- such as changing a white rabbit into a black one,

etc. A little ingenuity on your part may produce some excellent effects.

This production works well in pantomime. If you have music to accompany you, you can enhance the value of the effect.

However, the experiment permits of good patter. It may be presented, for instance, as a Chinese experiment with a description of the way in which some old Chinese conjurer performed it. It may be performed as Pandora's Box with a production of what she found when she opened the lid of the box. Or it may be presented as Milady's Hope Chest in this way: Ask some lady to make a wish as to what she would like to have appear in the hope chest. Make the request general, merely looking in a certain direction. Several people will probably make wishes, and then will think you meant someone else. Then you can say, "Rather a funny wish — a rabbit's foot; and here you are, four of them," and produce the rabbit from the box. You can get a good comedy effect this way: Say that you are going to build a man's Hope Chest and whatever a man wishes will come into it. Motion to some bald-headed man and say, "Ah, the gentleman wishes for a little hair (hare). Here you are, sir — a little hare." Then produce the rabbit.

Should you care to produce a chicken instead of a rabbit, name the effect, "The Darkey's Dream." The production of a chicken is self-explanatory. If performed before a juvenile audience, the effect may be called, "The Easter Box." Produce some colored Easter eggs, and then finish by producing the rabbit that laid them. Any other original idea which appeals to you can be worked up with this apparatus. Do some original thinking and you will be surprised and pleased at your own ability to create effects on the principles I give you.

The rabbit production which I teach you here is presented as a Chinese story. This makes an excellent stage presentation.


Performer constructs a small table on the floor or on another table. Then he shows an empty box with no top or bottom. This he places on the table. Next he shows a lid on both sides and places it on the box. In spite of the fact that trickery seems impossible, magician now raises the lid and takes a live, squirming rabbit from the box.

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