Pick up blue ball and drop white.

"I'll place this red ball in with the other red one..."

Pick up red ball, drop blue.

"This blue ball with the other blue one..."

Pick up blue, drop red.

You will note that I jumped the white ball, but it was done with a purpose. "This white ball with the other white one... " Pick up white ball and drop blue.

"Let the remaining red ball keep company with the other two red ones... " Pick up red ball and DROP BOTH RED AND WHITE BALLS into Bowl 3. "The white ball with his other white friends... "

NOTE THIS MOVE. As you pick up white ball, turn right hand over casually so that audience can see palm of hand. Instead of placing hand into bowl as you did with other balls, drop this white ball from a height about three inches above Bowl 2, so that audience sees it go in.

WHY DO WE DO THIS? It is such moves which make Magic. When we get a chance to accent a point to convey a certain impression to the audience, we stress that point.

We wanted the audience to believe that we had placed the balls one by one in their respective bowls so that three of each color were in each bowl, respectively. We did not do this with seven of the balls, but now with the last two-- a white one and a blue one--we have a chance to show that we are actually dropping the white ball into Bowl 2 and the blue ball into Bowl 1. The fact that we show the audience that we actually drop these balls into their respective bowls, accents the fact that the others were fairly done.

"And last, but not least, the blue one we shall place with the Blue Brothers." Put blue one in with a toss, which makes a good finish.

"Let us summarize the situation. What have we? In Bowl 3, three red balls; in Bowl 2, three white balls, and in Bowl 1, three blue balls. But if you were standing where I am, you would see something peculiar happening. They are moving about in a mysterious manner. Well—look at that little red fellow go."

You are looking into bowls and pretending to see this.

"Now I will show you what I mean by patriotic colors and why we use red, white and blue in the flag. I turn over Bowl 3. Look! A red, a white and a blue ball. In Bowl 2-- a red, a white and a blue ball. In Bowl 1-—a red, a white and a blue ball.

As you say this, turn over each bowl, one at a time, and show the three balls. Pour them out into right hand, then let them drop on table.

"Patriotic? I'll say they're patriotic. You can't keep them apart."

In order to impress on your mind the ROUTINE of dropping the balls, study this chart and keep diagram well in mind.


For performing on the stage or in club work, I vary the presentation of the experiment. Instead of placing the balls in a row in front of the bowls, I place the balls of each color in a saucer so that they can be seen. They cannot be seen when lying in a row flat on table.

If you will use a red bowl, a white bowl, and a blue bowl and in front of each have a similar colored saucer, and then place the balls of like color on each saucer, you will have a very effective means of presentation.

Be careful that during progress of trick no one can see into bowls to discover colors of balls in each.

I find it very handy to use opaque glasses, such as are used in bathrooms. They are deep and hard to see into. They are exceptionally satisfactory for close work. Sometimes I take ordinary tumblers and cover them with paper-- one red, one white, and the third blue.

To vary the effect, instead of using paper balls, use three onions, three small potatoes, and three radishes. Invent patter to fit the combination.

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