Double Slate Writing


Performer shows two blank slates and marks each side, 1-2-3-4, respectively. Slates are placed together, a tape is wrapped around them, and they are given to someone to hold or placed in full view on table. A spectator is asked to think of a question. Slates are then untied and a message has appeared on one of the slates.


1 -- Two school slates, the same size. Figure 25.

Take a piece of cardboard painted dull black on one side and covered with a piece of newspaper on the other. Dust the black side with some chalk to match slate. Or flap may be painted dull, dark gray to match slate color. Japan paint or regular blackboard paint may be used. Some performers use a flap made of slate. This flap must fit into frame of slate and yet be loose enough to fall out if slate is turned over.

Figure 25A.

3 -- A few pieces of newspaper on table, size of flap.

4 -- A piece of chalk. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

In the middle of one side of one slate, write the figure 1 and an answer that will fit almost any question. If

desired, the answer may be funny. Write, "Cannot Answer in Public," or "Time will tell," or make a row of question marks.

Figure 26.

Cover writing with flap, black side out. Place slate on table with flap up. On this place other slate. Have pieces of newspaper and chalk on table.

To Perform:

Pick up both slates. Remove the upper one with right hand and hold the other with left hand, keeping flap in place with left thumb.

Figure 27.

"For this experiment, I use two blank school slates. And I number each one of the sides."

Place unprepared slate in right hand down on table. Pick up chalk and draw figure 1 in center of flap of other slate as you did previously on the slate itself. Audience believes you are writing the figure 1 on slate.

Figure 2 8.

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