Double Handkerchief Color Change

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This version, I believe, was brought out by Horace Goldin, another world famous magician.

Two handkerchiefs, tied together by their corners, change color as Magician passes his hand over them. A yellow and a blue handkerchief, for instance, change to a red and a green one.


Figure 61.

To Construct:

Place a green handkerchief on a blue one and sew a metal ring, an inch in diameter, to both upper corners. Also sew lower ends together.

Figure 61.

Tuck the green silk well inside of the blue one and sew the two sides of the blue silk together as shown in Figure 62.

Turn silks inside out through ring and make a similar seam in the green silk to conceal the blue one. To end F sew a short strip of green silk to match green handkerchief.

Figure 63.

Figure 65.

To this strip of green silk, tie a red handkerchief.

Figure 64.

Turn green silk inside through the ring, bringing blue silk outside. Sew a small strip of blue silk to end F of blue handkerchief, and to it tie a yellow handkerchief.

Figure 65.

Figure 66.

To Perform:

Grasp red silk through ring at A with left hand and pull ring down with right hand. This turns the blue silk inside and exposes the green one and covers the yellow silk, exposing the red one. The blue and yellow silks have apparently changed to red and green as you passed your hand over them.

Figure 66.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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