Do This Without Looking At Cards You Must Look At Spectators And Use Misdirection While Doing This Move

"If you thought of the fifth card, then it must be the one you have there in your hand. Look at it and see."

Point at spectator's hand with your right hand. As he looks at card, you bring your RIGHT hand over to the deck in your left hand. Raise top card with little finger of left hand and propel it into right palm. See Figure 31.


Curl fingers of right hand slightly over card. This will hold card in right palm, as in Figure 32.

Proficiency in palming a card is essential to your success in Magic. Practice it. You must keep back of hand to audience and keep card screened from view, as in Figure 33. Remember NATURALNESS of the hand and ANGLES OF VISIBILITY.

"Is that your card?"

You refer, of course, to the fifth card, which he has in his hand.

"No? Then, what was your card?"

Spectator calls out the selected card, say the Queen of Diamonds. You repeat,

"The Queen of Diamonds."

With card palmed in right hand reach suddenly into right trousers' pocket where you placed second selected card.

Now remove the Queen of Diamonds from your pocket. This is, of course, the card which you just palmed in your right hand and placed in your pocket. The other card remains there.

Use showmanship in producing the Queen from your pocket. Bring out the top edge and slowly turn it around so that audience can see it. Put an element of suspense into the producing of the card.

"Then I was right after all. You see the card you thought of in one pack was the one you selected from the other pack and which I placed in my pocket."

Dispose of card still in pocket by placing whole deck in pocket and then bringing it out again with card or by palming card and bringing it out and placing with rest of deck, or leave it there if not in the way until an opportunity comes of secretly removing it. Do not be in a hurry to get card out of pocket.

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