Craftsmen Have Big Night

Club Member» Enjoy Nove! Entertainment Feature at Annual Nomination Meeting

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Mrs- Anna StuOcin. 1

Members Of Craftwnon's Club turned out In largo numbers on Saturday evening to attend lha annual nomination meeting of tba club, and remained arter th* business suasion to enjoy an unusual entertainment program that bad been arranged by the commltteo In charge.

of Harlan Tartan, the scientific entertainer from Chicago.

Tlie new orclicstra. which shuns Jaxx and confine* its attention entirely to w^rth.jrfiU« music of a classical nnluro. was warmly re-calvwl an-i t reated a highly favornbla Impression. Mr. Rowley has built up a well balanced aggregation of ntrlous instrumentalists who aim higher than popular music, and the enthusiastic appfauso whtoh followed the selections Indicated that iha public- 1» ready vo show Its appreciation of worth wfctlo music well played.

Tnriv'.l rivii «. oro*r»m nf alctl!ful program, without any bewildering excess of worda or actions, added to tba mystifying cfTect of Ms experiments and creatod a deep impression. The fact that ha presented new and »Itsulal stuaU, uwliilnc the thing« that are the Stock hi trado o' the awras« magician; was another factor la th« Interest and response . that was accorded to him. Ho concluded his program with a aeries of' quickly and cleverly drawn sketches.! for winch members of the club pro-' vldfld somn of tbo subjeet».

This afternoon h« will address a I 'meeting of the clergy of this city «it | Young Men's Ctirl&Uan Association. To-morrow afternoon ha will enter.!

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ah hr fpote hf n»t>«t t iüt»J ¡Tu*h «ist he ippipetiUr Had in irr, fiHHD Ihr tlJgh Ja, [fcn „ m,, mooirn[ vu fuTcJopliit Mrfiiim'i dir Hill.

PitnriV Ln lühcrt ^ ^fej^ hi ojwtwni by *rh*t «I* uld [a M * Jnr*it ILtwt. üujirrtBdiHrcrt h» tu intifftaj ifflirUaji. H- »aj ^ nwj'ed V »bjhMlmoo «j ^

UIH ÜVOIDDH» LUptif Wbi Jh!tLaiflji ' Mud tp-hi#rrw .Jvralnlt im *t|| ^j,. pmc ;n 31, Step^n'* [watt,

"Can! Hiil«v| ¿r 4 Cartoon!»!." »IIJ hre im-ii t4 ih4 eimru [i jM.el drHplJ^nj and amiulni Lharfo+I ■PcrUrlii*. lie prlHJ lu]n;rK tu b| i tfniui rot* rt-i UM r WHO II Dr.: nur*Jr A ttvq ih-'im-'. hl* * Vtri uLud-jnt sf iaVihmoeT mi« nHltfH aittmr* Tbo Eur iiwt ulf^h L-ut mmner m wtaicb tu frin-mr-j inj

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