Comedy Flower Growth

This effect has been designed for comedy work and can be fitted in to many programs to add a light, humorous touch.


A small plant is seen growing in a jar. Performer waters it with a sprinkling can and the plant suddenly grows up about a foot. At various times during performance, magician waters plant until it grows many feet tall.


1 --A bunch of artificial flowers with leaves. This bunch should be about twelve inches across. To the bottom of bunch attach a piece of very soft clothesline or bathrobe cord, dyed green. Clothesline should be from twelve to eighteen feet or longer, if desired. About every foot or two on the rope sew an artificial leaf or two. Make these leaves of tissue paper or stiff green cloth.

3 -- A sprinkling pot. SECRET:

Figure 59.

To Prepare:

To top of plant, tie a black thread. Run this thread up into the scenery or flies above the stage, bring it through a staple, then down to side of stage where it is fastened to a nail driven into scenery. This must be so arranged that assistant back of scenes can pull thread, thus raising the plant. To begin with, flowers must fit into top of jar. Coil the rope attached to plant into jar. Thread now extends upward from plant in jar.

Figure 59.

To Perform:

After having performed a trick, go over to the jar of flowers which you have at one side of stage.

Pick up sprinkling can and pretend to water flowers. As you do this, have assistant in the wings pull thread and cause plant to grow up about a foot.

Figure 60.

Perform another trick and then repeat this watering of

the plant and having it grow. Each time assistant causes it to grow two or three feet. You can continue this after performing a number of tricks and the effect is very funny. Another comedy touch may be added by causing the plant to dance when it is about five feet high. This is accomplished by raising and lowering thread.

Figure 61.

If desired, this comedy growth may be performed as a complete effect in itself without intermingling with other effects. This may be performed by your assistant after you have performed a real magical flower growth.

A good finish for this effect is this. Have plant spring up a couple of feet every time you sprinkle it. At the end, make it shoot up into the flies above and then cause it to sink back down into pot again by sprinkling a powder on it, which you tell audience is a diminishing powder.


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Fundamentals of Magick

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