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This is about the best way for a beginner to break into the magic business. All over the country are various clubs and organizations of which the social end is very prominent.

Club work offers a wide and varied field for the Magician and the student of Magic. One need not go into the theatre to make money with magic when there are unlimited opportunities to entertain in club organizations all over the country.

They can be reached by having a special advance man or salesman or by calling upon the heads of the organizations personally. Some performers use a mail campaign and send their folders to the various organizations within a certain radius, using a letter along the lines of the one below.

What are your entertainment requirements for this year? I am available now for special magical performances of odd and peculiar mysteries that furnish an unusual style of entertainment. Can arrange a program so that you can make money thru it or furnish you a special program at a given sum.

Magic is more popular than ever and no doubt you could use a good magician this present season. I should be pleased to talk things over with you or have you write me. May I hear from you at your earliest convenience?

But the personal touch is usually the best to get action and secure good profitable engagements. With a bit of judgment you can help organizations make money and charge a certain percentage for so doing. At certain times an organization can pay more than others.

Through filling one club engagement you can secure more. Some person in the audience - perhaps two or three - will know of a club that could use your services and will get in touch with you.

The newspaper write ups are also a boost for the magician. When the press puts out an article about the splendid performance at the L____ Club, it means good publicity, it means that others clubs will want a similar or a better write up about their club program in the near future.

Read the letter received from Mr. C. S. A. of Benton Harbor, Michigan.

" I have appeared several times locally; last week I performed before a large men's church club and only last night appeared before the local Exchange Club. The following effects were given in this order: Vanishing Wand, Cut and Restored Ribbon, Spanish Sliced Bananas, Burning Cigarette, Mystery of Traveling Numbers, Cards in the Orange, Passing Card in the Night, Popping Corn in the Hat, Swallowing Package of Needles, Mystery of Silks and Flame.

"Enclosed is newspaper clipping of last night's affair. I have received 'phone calls today for three more club dates.

"With kind regards to you and the school that puts 'purse' in personality, I am"

Club work, then, is undeniably the best way for a Magician to make money on the side provided he does not want to devote all his time to the profession. And the majority of students do not.

Aside from your regular business you can put on programs at clubs and earn extra salary. This additional work will give you all the benefits of a substantial financial increase.

To my way of thinking it is often more remunerative for magicians to do club work occasionally even tho they want to get into Big Time.

This recalls an instance that has happened many times in my own case. My magician friends were telling me about a certain lodge that would not pay over fifteen or twenty-five dollars for a magician. Knowing that I worked for higher prices, one of the boys thought he would play a joke by recommending me to the head of the Entertainment Committee. When the head of the committee called me on the 'phone, I made an appointment to have him come to my office and talk things over. I discovered that twenty-five dollars was about all the lodge could afford on the usual meeting nights for any kind of an entertainer. But I did discover that they had special nights for ladies and had a fund of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars set aside for each special occasion. So I sold them as an attraction for a special occasion, allowing them one hundred dollars for the orchestra and the one hundred fifty dollars for my services.

Such instances have happened time and time again.

And in club engagements you can use many types of magic programs, guiding yourself as to the type by trying to suit the different audiences. For club work you can perform any effects you like - usually with the exception of the illusions. It is well to arrange at least three or four complete programs so that when you have a return engagement you can come back with an entirely new and different performance.

As I explained to you in Lesson Thirty, carry different lines to suit different audiences.

Men like card tricks and sleight manipulations, tricks with coins, cigarettes, cigars, etc. Women usually are interested in effects with silks, and anything colorful. They like spiritualistic and emotional effects. Children like animal tricks, and tricks with candy. Keep everything suited to the occasion, and give enough variety to please a mixed audience.

The act lasts from fifteen minutes to an hour, depending upon conditions.

Club work, then, paves the way for greater things for the magician. He can by becoming known thru club engagements reach the topmost rung in the theatrical world in Magic.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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