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Performer places four small Chinese weights about a foot apart in a square. He covers one of the weights for an instant with one hand and places his other hand over an empty space a little farther away. Mysteriously the weight jumps from under Magician's hand to the space under his empty hand. This is done with each of the weights.


This effect was originally performed by pure Sleight of Hand. The Magician appeared to use four weights, but in reality used five. The fifth weight was obtained secretly and palmed.

Max Malini, a prominent society Magician, does Chink-A-Chink with cubes of sugar.

Jack Davis has brought out a set of Chink-A-Chink weights which does away with the palming of the extra weight. The set includes a shell which looks like a regular weight.

Figure 17 shows the shape of a Chink-A-Chink brass weight. Figure 18 shows how the shell covers a weight.

We can supply you with a Chink-A-Chink outfit at a reasonable price.


To Perform:

Place the four weights on table in the form of a square, the weights about a. foot apart. Have shell covering No. 4 at lower right-hand side of square.

Figure 19.

Place left fingers over 3 and right fingers over shell at 4. Keep fingers close together and cup hands, bringing thumb down against weight. Hands must be in such position as to make it easy to pick up weight with pressure between thumb and third finger.

As you cover 3 and 4, say: "Chink-A-Chink."

Remove hands and cover 1 with left hand and 2 with right.


Remove hands and cover 3 and 4 again. "Chink-A-Chink."

With right hand secretly pick up shell from 4. Lift hands, showing all four weights still on table. This is important. Then bring empty left hand over 4 and right hand with concealed shell over left wrist up near 1.

Figure 21.

When hands are in position, say: "Chink-A-Chink."

Raise right hand, leaving shell on table near 1. Secretly Palm weight 4 in left hand and raise hand to show empty space. No. 4 has apparently jumped up near No. 1.

Weights are now in position shown in Figure 22.

Figure 23 shows performer and weights at this stage of experiment as audience sees them. Performer's hands are raised up high enough to show changed position of weights to audience. Weight 4 is palmed in left hand and the shell has moved up near 1.

Cover 3 with right hand. Bring left arm over right wrist up near 2.

Figure 24.


Raise both hands, showing that the lower left-hand weight has jumped over near 2. Weights are now in positions shown in Figure 25.


Place right hand at lower left-hand position and left crossed over right wrist and over No. 2. This position is similar to that in Figure 24, except that left hand is over 2.

Figure 27.

Leave weight from right hand at position 3 and Palm No. 2 in left hand. Raise hands to show that 2 has apparently jumped down to 3.

Bring left hand with Palmed weight to lower right-hand corner and cross right arm over, placing right hand on shell near 1.


Palm shell in right hand. Lift both hands to show that weight has jumped down to lower right-hand corner. The four weights are back to their first positions in square formation. The shell is palmed in right hand.

To dispose of shell place right hand over No. 4, covering weight with shell, and left hand over No. 1.

Figure 26.

"No Chink-A-Chink."

Lift hands and show weights. You may then pick up weights and shell and place in pocket. Or if you wish to allow audience to examine weights, Palm off shell as you place the four weights in a row for examination. Dispose of shell in pocket.

Figure 27.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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