Chinese Production Of The Four Bowls

This experiment is similar to the Production of a Large Bowl of Water except that performer produces the stack of four bowls instead of the one large bowl.


A fair-sized load of bowls can be produced by this method in which a special type of harness is used. This consists of the belt and suspended rope. At the end of the rope is a metal contrivance. This is a flat metal piece with a hook at the front end and weighted at the other end so that when nothing is attached to it, A goes up and B goes down. Through the middle, a hole is bored and a bar run through so that contrivance can pivot up and down. This bar is supported on both sides by metal pieces also.

Figure 46.

Place the case around stack of bowls and then hang ring A on hooked end of harness--A.

Figure 47.

Figure 48 is a diagram of harness and stack of bowls adjusted under Chinese coat.

Now, when you squat down until stack of bowls rests on floor, you can move forward slightly with just your body to release hook A from ring A. Production is performed in same manner as first effect in this lesson with the production cloth. Under cover of cloth, case is removed from stack of bowls by lifting ring B.


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