Chinese Production Of Doves

This production is not only adapted to doves but to other small animals or objects. The apparatus may also be made large enough to produce a large duck or chicken.


Performer shows an empty pan or bowl and covers it for a moment with a board. Then he raises the board, and two doves fly out of the pan.


1 -- Two wash basins — usual size is about 10 1/4 inches.

These must be the same size so that one will fit snugly into the other.

2 -- Special top for wash basin.

3 -- A board — about 1/4 inch thick and 14 to 16 inches square.

To Prepare: The Pans -

Both pans should be lacquered or painted a bright red inside. The outside and top edge of one should be painted a dead black and then strips of cloth or felt pasted on it to deaden the noise when it is placed inside other pan.

Figure 77

Other pan is painted a bright green on outside, or some other bright color, with top edge and a border of black. Chinese characters in black and gold or just black decorate the outside.

Figure 7 8.

The two pans should look like one when placed together and the black edges at top help this illusion.

Special Top -

This top is a circular cover to fit over pan A. It is 9 3/4 inches in diameter and is made of silicate or metal, covered with felt to prevent noise. A heavy cardboard top may be used in emergency. At each side of top, there is a tip. F is made narrow to fit into hole in top of pan (all wash basins have a hole in top for hanging). E is wider and extends over other side of pan.

Figures 78A and 78B.

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The Board -

Board may be decorated or left plain. On back of board about one-third the distance from one edge, drive two nails about nine inches apart. Nails should be short and allowed to extend from board about three-sixteenths of an inch. Heads of nails should be about three-eighths of an inch in diameter. Now when pan A is slipped under nails on back of board, opening to board, it is held securely in place.

Figure 79.

Figure 80 shows pan in relation to board.

Place the two doves in pan A and adjust the special top over pan as in Figure 78B. Place pan on board with edge resting under nails. Have E of special cover pointing down and F up. Place board with pan behind it on chair, resting one edge on seat and other edge against back. C edge of board with F tip of special cover are up.

Figure 81.

To Perform:

Pick up pan B and show it on all sides. Hold it in left hand with opening toward audience and strike bottom of it with right hand. Then pick up board from chair with right hand, holding it with thumb over top edge toward audience.

Figure 82.

Bring pan B up behind board and place it over pan A. Figure 83.

Turn board to horizontal position with pans under it. To audience it appears that you merely picked up an empty pan and covered it with board.

Move board slightly to left to release pan A from nails. Support pans with left hand and raise board enough to get left thumb on top of tip E of special cover. You do this to keep cover securely over pan A so that doves cannot escape. Tip pans toward rear so that cover is not visible to audience and remove board. The two pans are held as one.

Figure 85.

Look at pans as though you had expected something to happen, then shake your head. Turn board around and look at both sides. Then look up into air.

Cover pans with board again and shift hold on tip E so that fingers press it against board. Turn your right side toward audience. Now support pans with right hand. Remove board again and this time carry special cover with it. Tip E gives you enough grip to do this easily. Turn board quickly to conceal cover behind it. When board and cover are removed, move pans enough to cause doves to fly upward.

Figure 85A.

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