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When you produce a rabbit and there are children in the audience, some child usually wants the bunny. This is a nice way of handling the situation.

After rabbit has been produced, performer has a little girl come up to stage to get it. He gives it to her, but then says that the rabbit might catch cold if exposed to the outside air, so it would be a good idea to wrap him up in a piece of paper. He wraps rabbit and gives parcel to girl. Rabbit squirms inside of paper and then suddenly becomes quiet. Magician places his ear against the bundle and says the rabbit's heart must have stopped beating. He unwraps parcel and discovers that rabbit has changed to box of candy, which he gives to the girl.


2 -- A small rabbit or guinea pig.

3 -- A sheet of paper about two feet square.

4 -- A special Brunel White Changing Table, commonly known as the B. W. Changing Table.

Top of this table is so arranged as to make it easy to vanish one object and produce another so that the objects apparently change.


To construct B. W. Table:

Figure 61 shows a rough sketch of this table. It may be lacquered in black and decorated with Mandarin red and gold. It is necessary to build a changing trap for the top. You will have no difficulty if you will study the illustrations and explanation carefully.

Figure 62 shows a cross section of top of table when flap is raised.

Figure 64.

Figure 63 is a diagram of top, showing arrangement of frame with flap in the middle.

After you have made box for table top, place open frame over top edges of box, and attach a flap across middle of frame by hinges—flap should be half the size of the opening in frame. Tack a piece of cloth to one end of frame at inner edge of opening. Turn flap down toward opposite end, stretch cloth tight across opening in frame and tack it to top of flap. With flap in this position, cloth forms table top. Now turn flap over to opposite end of frame, letting cloth go inside box of table top and stretch cloth over other side of flap to end of opening in frame and tack.

You now have this arrangement: Flap in middle of open frame on top of box which forms table top. On each side of flap cloth extends to each edge of opening in frame, making sides A and B.

Figure 64.

When flap is closed down to side A, cloth A goes down into box of table top and is concealed, and cloth B is stretched tight over top of table. When flap is closed down to side B, cloth B goes down and cloth A forms the table top.

Figures 65 and 66 are cross section views showing construction.

Decorate sides A and B alike with just a border around the edges and a line across each way as shown in Figure 61.

On solid part of table top at both ends place a small catch which can be turned over flap to hold it when you place rabbit under it.

Figure 67.

Figures 68 and 69 show diagrams of operation of Changing Table in this effect. If a box of candy is placed in compartment A and flap closed down on it, and a rabbit is placed on top of side B, the weight of rabbit will cause B to go down, raising flap up. Performer brings flap down over side B, concealing rabbit and the box of candy is brought up to top of table.

Make table legs to screw on to top.

After table is built, prepare for experiment by placing box of candy in compartment A with flap down over it. Fold piece of paper and have it lying on table.

To Perform:

After you have produced rabbit, ask children in audience who would like to have rabbit. Immediately hands go up and there are many "I's". Select a small girl and have her come up to stage. Ask her name—assume that it is Mary.

"So, Mary, you think you would like to have a rabbit. Of course, this is a magic rabbit, and you must be very careful with a magic rabbit. What would you feed him?"

Here is an opportunity for a bit of talk on feeding problems.

"He likes carrots and greens and whole wheat bread. You like those things yourself, don't you, Mary? They keep rabbits and boys and girls healthy. What will you name the rabbit? I call him Whiskers. Shall I tell you how he got his name? Well, one day I set a pail of water at the foot of the basement stairs. The rabbit came scurrying down the stairs and he didn't see the water, so he tumbled in and got all wet. Now rabbits are something like small boys—they hate water. So I pulled him out of the water all dripping wet. And from that day to this I have called him Whiskers."

There is no sense to this explanation of the name, but that's what makes it funny. Give rabbit to girl.

"Now take good care of him and give him a good pillow to sleep on."

Guide her down to edge of stage.

"Oh, just a minute. I almost forgot. You didn't come prepared to take the rabbit home, so we had better wrap him up to keep his feet warm."

Bring her back to right side of table. Pick up piece of paper and unfold it. Audience must see that there is nothing on table and nothing in paper.

"Now, Mary, come right up close to the table and help me wrap him up for you."

Hold top edge of paper in left hand and take rabbit in right.

"Come right up here in front."

Bring paper up in front of table and place rabbit behind. Have girl in front and to side a little but be sure she cannot see change behind paper. Place rabbit on cloth part of table top. His weight will raise flap. Grasp edge of it and bring it down over rabbit. This pushes him into compartment B and brings box of candy to top of table. Close catch down over flap.

Figure 70.

Bring box of candy up to center of paper and wrap paper around it. You must work quickly here to give impression that you really wrapped up rabbit. Hesitation in making the change will cause suspicion on part of audience.

Bring parcel away from table. Paper is wrapped loosely so edges of box cannot be seen and ends are twisted. Move your hands about to give impression that rabbit is squirming inside.

Figure 71.

Place parcel in girl's arms. Push down on right end of paper and cause parcel to jump up, then push on left end and right again. Apparently, rabbit is trying to get out.

Figure 72.

Suddenly allow parcel to remain quiet.

"Did you notice anything, Mary? He is quiet all of a sudden."

Place ear against parcel.

"I think his heart has stopped beating or he has stopped breathing. Let us see."

Unwrap paper, exposing box of candy.

"Why the rabbit's gone! He has changed into a box of candy --a box of (name brand)--chocolates. You never can tell about

a magic rabbit named Whiskers. He is here one minute and gone the next."

Hand box of chocolates to girl.

Figure 73.

"Take these nice chocolates home with you, Mary, and you can tell your friends that the magic rabbit left them for you."

NOTE: If convenient, you may produce another rabbit for girl by reaching down some spectator's coat collar and extracting it from there. Usually, however, the magician must keep his rabbit for the next show as they are not always plentiful.

The B. W. Table may be used for many changes, such as changing a white rabbit to a black one, a rabbit to a bouquet, etc.

Another style base which may be used with the B. W. Table is one of nickel, which folds up. This is the same base which we supply with our Brown Beauty Table (this will be described later.) It is light and rigid and folds up small. We can supply you with this base.

Figure 74.


This is a comedy stunt easy to perform. It may be done with a small boy or a grownup.

The sausages are imitation, made of brown cloth filled with a coiled spring and sewed together to form a link.

Figures 75 and 76.

Links can be compressed into small bundle and held together by rubber band.

Figure 77.

This bundle can be palmed easily and concealed in right hand.

Figure 7 8.

To produce sausages, merely reach up under boy's coat and release rubber band. This causes sausages to expand so that you can pull them out.

Figure 79.

NOTE: We can supply you with this special type of collapsible sausages. See price list.

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