The Mental Temperament

This Temperament controls the nervous system and brain. It is the result of experience of mind and body, and it is the basis of the power of comprehension. It arranges, harmonizes, and refines the influences of structure and chemistry of the body. It enables every cell in the body to work in an intelligent manner, peculiar to itself. It enables the brain to grow brain cells — the liver, kidneys, stomach, and heart cells to carry on their respective work and duties. Wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, recognition, and interpretation are dependent on this Temperament.

The Mental Temperament builds a face triangular in shape, due to lessened development in the Vital and Will Areas (which you will soon learn). The nose and upper lip are refined and highly organized. Quality of development is typical of this Temperament.

From a study of the three Temperaments, we can readily see a great difference in people. Some have great Vitality --blood-making and relaxing power -- but have poor resistance and are not keen in creative mentality. Others have powerful strength, love to work hard, have solid bones and muscles -- but have poor assimilative powers, are overtensed, and have but moderate mentality. Others may be mentally bright, quick to think for themselves and invent improvements -- but have poor vitality and resistance to support their mentality.

No Temperament is strong in itself -- it must be supported by the other two. What good is a keen mind without blood to feed it and muscle and bone power to support it? What good is force without intelligence and creative energy behind it? And what good is the finest building material without something to build it into and without intelligence to direct the building? A perfect development of all three temperaments makes a BALANCED person, and that's what progressive people of today are striving to make of themselves.

The average person, however, is unbalanced temperamentally. That gives rise to the somewhat intolerant likes and dislikes which we find in people. Each sees through his own individuality. The Vital Temperament sees through the eyes of vitality; the Will Temperament sees through will; and the Mental Temperament sees through mentality.

Therefore, when you sell to Vitality, Will, or Mentality, you must talk the language which each will understand. When you have finished this discussion, you will have an understanding of the way in which to appeal to each class.

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