By This Time Assistant Should Be Ready For You And You Can Proceed With Your Mind Reading

Step to side of stage. Place card, envelope, and pencil offstage and take the crystal ball, the pedestal, and the mystic book. Keep book horizontal so that you will not disturb arrangement of cards and keep opening to rear.

Place book on table and the pedestal on the book. Hold crystal ball in left hand and offer this explanation for using it.

"The crystal has long been associated with mental and occult phenomena. Men have bought fine crystals valued at hundreds of dollars in the hope of seeing something in them to foretell the future or read men's thoughts. To me the crystal is a means of helping me to gain intense concentration and to attune my mind to outside forces."

Place crystal ball on the pedestal on book. Sit down in chair placed a little behind table. Gaze at ball, and as you do so, slide out a card from book with hand. Pull it out just far enough to glance at it. Continue to look at ball and slide card to right side of opening in book. You can still glance at it if you need to, and it is now out of the way of the next card. Now look at audience.

"Concentrate on the thing you want me to tell you Concentrate on what you have written. When I call out your name, please raise your hand. Just as in radio, I cannot tell where messages are coming from. If you will let me know just where you are, I can work directly with you."

Suppose the first card has on it this message:

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