Blending Of The Colors

This experiment is a favorite with Dr. Milton Bridges of New York City. Dr. Bridges is a prominent physician and is an eminent figure in the Magic World. He possesses one of the largest magical libraries in the world.

Unlike the "Birth of Old Glory," described in your last lesson, this effect requires no special preparation. It also brings to light an important principle in Magic, known as VESTING. This term is common in the magical world, yet, strange to say, very few magicians know how to do it properly. Too many just take it for granted that they know. It has always been a pleasure to see Dr. Bridges' effects in which he uses the principle of VESTING. He performs them in a most graceful and effective manner. I shall teach you his method of VESTING.


Performer picks up three silk handkerchiefs from the table and shows them, one at a time—one red, one white, one blue. He crumples them up in his hands and taking a corner of the blue and a corner of the red silk, he pulls them apart and shows that they have blended into a silk American flag. This effect may be adapted for use with the flag of any country. It works nicely after dyeing handkerchiefs in the paper tube, as taught to you in the preceding lesson.


1 -- Three silks — 13 inches square. One red, one white, one blue.

2 -- A silk American flag -- 12 x 18 inches or larger. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

Fold the silk flag over in two as in Figure 19.

Fold in half again as in Figure 20. It is important in folding to keep the corners A and B together and on the outside.

Fold flag over again as in Figure 21.

Fold bottom up behind flag, about one-third of the length -- then up again to bring fold even with top edges of flag. Corners A and B are together and outside.

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