Bewitched Rising Cards And Envelope

This is another variation of the envelope method of performing rising cards. It is easy to prepare and simple in operation.


Three selected cards are placed in an envelope and envelope sealed. Top of envelope is cut off. Magician commands, and up rise the three cards out of the envelope, one at a time.


3 -- A double heavy manila envelope, 3 5/8 x 6 1/2 inches in size.

Refer to Lesson 8, pages 10 and 11 for description of Double Envelope.


To Prepare:

Remove the Six of Clubs, the Jack of Spades, and the Ten of Diamonds from one deck of cards. Thread them between four indifferent cards. At the bottom edge of one outer card paste the end of a strip of paper. Draw this under the rest of the cards and paste the other end of it at the bottom edge of the other outer card. This will keep the cards between from falling down. Figure 12.

Run end of thread through back of envelope with the aid of a needle. Place cards in rear division of envelope. Put a little glue on each outside card and paste back of envelope and partition down on cards to hold them in place. Figures 13 and 14.

Now paste both flaps of envelope together so that envelope looks like an ordinary one. If you have prepared the cards carefully, they will not be noticeable.

Have prepared double envelope on table. Have end of thread attached to back of table, as explained in Lesson 18. The length of thread should be about the same as in RISING CARDS FROM GLASS TUMBLER in that lesson. Experimentation will teach you the exact length of thread for practical results.

Place duplicate Six of Clubs, Jack of Spades, and Ten of Diamonds on top of other deck in readiness for FORCING.

To Perform:

FORCE the Six of Clubs, the Jack of Spades, and the Ten of Diamonds on three different spectators. Then collect the cards and hold them up in right hand so that all can see them.

Call cards by names and hold them in full view as you turn to drop deck on table and pick up envelope with left hand.

As you pick up envelope from table, place left thumb over spot where thread comes out. Show envelope on both sides, then bring threaded side to rear. Figure 15.

"An envelope is commonly used for sending letters, but in this case, we will send a card instead. For good luck, we'll make it three cards."

Show the envelope empty and place the three cards in it. Spread the cards fanwise and hold them with faces toward audience so that all can see that you actually put them into the envelope. Figure 16.

Seal the envelope.

"By sealing the envelope it becomes a first class package -- which is quite necessary for a first class experiment before a first class audience. So, then, we mail the Six of Clubs, the Jack of Spades, and Ten of Diamonds from here — (Place envelope in right hand and hold it as far to the right side as possible. You stand facing audience.) -- to here. (Bring envelope in a semi-circle with a sweep over to the left hand, which should be extended a little to the left.) That is what they call fast air mail. Let us open the envelope, and see what the mail man brought."

Pick up scissors and cut about half an inch from top of envelope. Lay down scissors and hold envelope in left hand.

Gradually bring the envelope forward so that thread is drawn taut and first card arises. Figure 17.

"A code message. An uprising at ten o'clock a. m. Someone is going to get up at ten o'clock tomorrow morning. Coming right up out of cover."

Remove Ten of Diamonds with right hand. Continue moving so that thread is stretched taut and the Jack of Spades slowly arises.

"Ah, his name is Jack. There is a dark man in the case. He carries a Spade. Said he is going around trying to dig up a girl friend for the party tonight. Maybe, a blonde."

After a card has risen, remove it from envelope.

"He doesn't seem to have any visible means of support."

Cause the third card to arise — the Six of Clubs.

"A six. Six Clubs. Six Clubs all in one night. That's what they call stepping out. How does he do it? But the mystery is solved. The woman pays and pays."

Remove the card. Pull the envelope forward again. This move releases thread from slit in front card and releases envelope from thread. You can now turn envelope around and bring it forward to show audience that it is apparently an ordinary envelope.

Drop cards and envelope on table.


Sometimes for a finish I tear the envelope with the selected cards in it through the middle, then place both pieces together and tear it again.

If you do this carefully and with a flourish, audience cannot see the cards inside and believe that there is nothing left in the envelope. This is added SHOWMANSHIP. You have not shown envelope to be empty after cards have risen, but tearing it accents the fact that there is nothing inside.

The tearing is not necessary, however, for audience has seen the cards rise and does not suspect that anything is left in envelope.

If you have an assistant, you may have him cause the cards to rise by pulling thread from the wings as explained in previous effect.


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