Beginning Of Records

Every land and every age had its Sorcerers and Magicians. Here and there we pick up some information. Here we find a tale about King Macbeth of Scotland, who conjured up visions

and apparitions; and somewhere else we read of the Popes of the Tenth Century, who practiced Magic and Sorcery. But these little stories are scattered and vague as no records of Magic were kept until the Dark Ages — beginning with the Eleventh Century. Then we begin to get accurate history.


Merlin is the outstanding Magician of the Dark Ages. Though he lived in the last part of the Fifth Century, the records of his performances were not written until the Eleventh Century. He was the wizard at the Court of King Arthur.

The story of Stonehenge is Merlin's most remarkable exploit. Stonehenge is a huge stone monument to the Saxon conquest of England, which you could see today standing on Salisbury Plain in England. The monument originally stood, so the story goes, in Ireland. Merlin commanded that it be moved to England. The ponderous stones would not yield to the efforts of hundreds of men. Merlin looked on for a time and then applied his Magic powers. The stones rose high in the air and flew to Salisbury Plain, where the monument stands now.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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