Arrangement Of Programs

The big idea in arrangement of programs is to get the interest of the audience, to hold their interest, and to make a lasting impression.

I have already discussed with you the importance of getting the interest of your audience. This puts the audience into a receptive mood and establishes a pleasant connection between performer and audience. Then the effects must progress to keep the audience keyed up until you reach your last effect — your masterpiece. Your finishing number must be so good that it wins an outburst of spontaneous applause from every member of your audience. As to what your masterpieces or finishing numbers will be, I cannot say. They depend on your personality and your likes. You can judge for yourself what effects are fitted to you and which you will make a big success with.

Have VARIETY in your programs. Inject plenty of comedy touches to break the tension of seriousness. You must get the contrast between seriousness and fun into your programs. Keep your audience in a wave of emotion -- now laughing, now tense, then laughing again. In this way, you avoid being monotonous and tiresome, by not overdoing the humorous or overemphasizing the serious. Then with your last effect, make an impression that will hold. Leave your audience talking about you.

These programs which I have arranged for you are for Club or Parlor work or any occasion which demands the smaller program. While they may be used also for Stage work, they are particularly adapted to the less formal presentation.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house.

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