Antrim News Notes

l)»rtrii A Con («an* hare ;ujl pitapletM n ton», «*•'•» r« i-x tlf Ka<lcitff. CWa-tatwiua« ar>5 they a'e n>r. a

fjinnu.ii their Wisi'e? Lyecitm (t«r the Awir-.-i Bum.

The Co*«i>;va «.'«iftcertier». ennsiitit»« <ir "Edward riariu* aad Rachel Stetntnan Ct*rk< -«»-rtH tK-sr «cr.lK' i wjsra»», t e Ni-.itlv )»4m> and ffiasun, Mr. Kfe:!<.riv. <«tylc. Jkist "r^-.W m Uie Antrim terrUoO' it«! are Ixi-.ip sc<ctvr4 in a nuoii «¿Vh-ataiifC nuinafr hi every t.->n kt ahieh the» •M'W

The Ctftaeunhy i lay en are alio in Aatrin leffitory and are vrc»er»hrt year, the very i»>l*i*br Brcaiiwa> I'lay, KroSitn»," which ei-mtHatcc* rtport ¡-, ?be fine»t PU> this eurtleut '«iratnalic company baa yet pet ter»«.i -litrmi: the pa»t three Jt4»» i-b the Ar.triot Jut

Arthur WarMwerajr of indiar.«^e-fci »pent .«vera) »Jay» ia rhttntrl|hia a« hi* Vtav to N'ew York Ottr. where he arrar.«»ed raatjta mmi and live Ij<»to W-


Th< Brae« Trfc act tranllir.i; in the Antrim »errh^y and have been re; re»**«! in, »« pukWth tfcrir r^trirctS-

Kit*» TamburtUa s*tcnader» bentu their t'^or ha Antrim «'••» iktt>ber ."hh as'te« tbeir • ¡« Chantac<jaa row i.-r Jtad cWfe. Vr, thw «a* ohSjjed to rar-cel several week» <if ht» R.nlehiT* «.j»* i!o< In altii«-*», lite tavenv «.'»«nipan.v, who rteently ch«e-l Itir th. L'o«s»d Rureaa, are w. the Aatrha t«mst>r> and .-«ntnjttue» are ent^«ua»t:rar-) rej-.»tina Mr t'ateny t» pciStnc m the be-«: tfl» -A enteruin-tnent iu hi» trc.


t-om* Siodfaan. neU-ti»^wa teathtr of t?antti.ff. and ArVac'i WaJu, dramatic »rtist, have orKanized the StocicMM Theatrical Ajfeaey at 1>«3 N'onb Illiooi*

Ibtoi'K Matter» of America and alw tfc* ChM-sw-» AM^fi^tioti td Danctf* Ma*-fer» ' i« at- m«trader at t»wir VtBt»Ct*

Mr Watu «erved »«a yrar* »» an d«er-t.'r of slic ladiaiKipitJi* I.irsW TW.ire; ♦no *r»t*K* «"'-< the Stwar: Walker V* lo«y Tt'faifc t ^t^yanv and one vear a* »•ast iHwtM of «he Wilham SvW») of Hr ha« al«»i had tapeetr«»»* i.i oibrr ihratriral e»«n*.p»n(e»

Tl-r«e mo cQfTgtzk. yptntg n»rti vr row that the>- are in a («wtioo u> for-a<»H peoitrarti foe Coatentvw*. barbae)*. chtb I'Wliim ami »«Ue par»»— TU«> J»r< alwa«» inter«Med fN uVit, al»o.

LOW'tt-t. PATT ON. well known |»i-a«i»i. it the coraporer o' the mu»»e for "VrvW a vri&CMiM ^ \V,t Ma-.»-» «enpt ttab. of forth ra*., «"Vre^on. The art ed:tu>n oi {he Ci-mpotitwic i» eactofed la a« attractive jacket bear tap a b»»ae crayon «ketch r-f Mr. Patten that <• re-

n.>Hi«Mv im» h> !•«»- A n»R>ber n{ hi)


help you analyze the situation and prepare ads for you with pulling power. The small amount you spend with an advertising man will be many times repaid in a very short while. He can help you weed out your feature numbers and those magical stunts which in your hands are apt to gain greatest public interest. He can also help to analyze space problems for you and what you can afford to spend to get certain results. Space varies in price in various newspapers. Where you might spend fifty cents per column inch in a small town paper, in a city paper like Chicago, you might spend $14.00 per inch.

If possible, get a picture of yourself in the ad, or at least a picture of a trick or something to catch the eye. I have been a great believer in half tones and pictures to catch the eye. I would buy advertising space and then fill most of it with a picture of myself and an article written beneath it to look as near like news copy as possible. I have dominated pages with but a few inches of space accordingly.

Plate 18 is a type of publicity used by Thurston here in Chicago at the Erlanger Theatre. The article in upper right hand corner is a news article, but it illustrates my point on the half tone and article beneath to attract the reader's eye.

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