Another Method For Card In The Pocket


Performer asks spectator to think of any number between one and ten, then to count down from the top of the deck and note the card at that number. Performer then takes deck and places it behind his back for a moment. He removes a card from the deck and places it in his pocket. Spectator then counts down to his number again and finds his card gone. Magician then removes it from his pocket.


Have spectator shuffle cards well.

"You have thoroughly shuffled the cards, making it impossible for either of us to know the location of the cards. Hold the deck with backs of cards up. I am going to try to perform an experiment in thought reading with cards. First, think of any number between one! and ten. Have you done that? Now, while my back is turned toward you, count down that number of cards from the top of the deck and note the card at your number. Do not disturb the order of the cards after that as we must keep in mind the location of your card from the top of the deck. After you have done this, square up the deck and give it to me."

Have your back turned while he does this, then turn and face spectator and take the deck.

"As you perhaps know, the fingers and brain are very close-ly connected in impressions -- so much so, that by placing the cards behind my back, I can sense the location of your card."

Place cards behind your back and quickly count off ten cards into your right hand. Square these ten cards up and hold them as ONE card. Show them for a moment, backs of cards to the audience. Then place them in right trousers pocket.

"That, I believe, is your card. But, let us check up first. Take the pack in your own hands. What was the number of your card? SEVEN (or whatever it happens to be). Count down seven cards and see whether the seventh card is your card."

As spectator counts the cards and audience watches him, place your right hand in your right trousers pocket and locate the SEVENTH card. You have ten cards in your pocket so regardless of what number the spectator chose, you can readily locate his card.

Remove the selected card from your pocket with back to audience. "You say the seventh card is NOT your card. What was the card?" Assume that the spectator names the Jack of Hearts.

"What a strange coincidence."

Turn card to audience and show it to be the selected one.

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