Adam And


A story is told about Adam and Eve and illustrated with billiard ball manipulations. During the tale, four bright

red billiard balls mysteriously appear between the fingers of the right hand, one at a time, and as mysteriously vanish again.


1 — A Professional Set of Billiard Balls. This consists of three bright red solid wooden balls and a half shell which fits over any one of the balls.

Figure 1 shows a ball, Figure 2 the half shell, and Figure 3 the way in which the shell fits over the ball.

Figure 1 shows a ball, Figure 2 the half shell, and Figure 3 the way in which the shell fits over the ball.

The Half Shell has made billiard ball manipulation easy and very mysterious. The audience believes that you use only solid balls and is never aware of the half shell. When viewed from the front, the shell looks like a billiard ball. If you hold a ball and a half shell side by side, it is impossible to tell the difference between them. The shell should fit snugly over the ball so that shell and ball look like one ball. With the ball in motion and at a short distance from spectators, edge of shell is not noticeable.

The shell must be loose enough so that ball will slide out of it easily. With a shell over a ball, you have one ball. When shell is suddenly lifted from ball, it appears that you have two balls. Thus you may show one or two balls at will. When shell is struck at the center with solid ball, it sounds as though two solid balls were struck together. Figure 4 is a side view, illustrating the manner in which this is done.

The most popular size of balls is 1 3/4 inch. For boys or those with very small hands, the 1 1/2 inch size is better. The larger the ball used the better the effect, but you must use a size which you can handle successfully. Cardini uses a 2 1/8-inch ball, varying with a set of 2-inch size. His hand is only medium size, but his manipulative training enables him to use a large-size ball.

We can supply you with the 1 3/4-inch size balls, red in color, unless otherwise specified.

2 — A colored silk handkerchief. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

Place a ball with shell over it in rear right trousers' pocket. Place another ball in front left trousers' pocket or

in lower left vest pocket. Place third ball in left coat pocket, together with silk handkerchief.

To Perform:

Get ball out of left coat pocket and Finger Palm it in left hand. You can do this easily under pretext of placing some object in pocket after finishing another trick. Or you can place your left hand in pocket casually and remove the ball without attracting attention.

Figure 5.

Hold left hand in front of body in natural manner at about the height of lower vest button.

Bring right hand up under left. As you do, turn right side of body slightly to audience.

Figure 6.

Let ball drop into right fingers where you Finger Palm it.

Figure 7.

Bring left hand away from right and show empty palm to audience. You have performed the Change Over Palm. You have apparently shown both hands empty. The larger movements of turning body from right to left helps cover actual movement of hands. This Change Over Palm may be used in transferring ball from one hand to the other as occasion demands.

"In the beginning, the Lord created the world."

Get thumb under ball in right hand. Figure 8.

Bring ball quickly to top of hand, closing fingers to make a fist.

Figure 9 is a view toward yourself.

Figure 10 shows hand and ball as it looks to audience.

Place left hand in front of ball. Figure 11.

As you close left hand around ball, allow it to drop into right hand, where it is Finger Palmed again.

Move closed left hand, apparently holding the ball, away from right and hold it away from body with back of it to audience.

Figure 13.

"Wandered around "

Turn left hand with palm side toward audience. "Hither "

Open left hand and show that ball has vanished. Reach up under left elbow with right hand and produce ball suddenly from elbow. To make this production and others from elbow, knee, etc., bring hand up with back to audience, then turn it, showing palm, and make production.

Figure 14.

"And thither."

Turn left side of body toward audience. Throw the ball into the air a few feet.

Figure 15.

Catch ball in palms of hands. Repeat. Then pretend to throw ball up a third time, but merely make the motions and keep ball palmed in left hand.

Figure 16-17.

The illusion is that the ball has vanished in mid-air. In throwing up hands, be sure that right hand comes up about a foot higher than the left. This makes the vanish more effective for audience can easily see empty right hand.

Figure 16.

"To keep the world in place, the Lord made Adam." Produce ball at top of closed left fist. Figure 18 shows performer as he appears to audience. "But Adam "

Hold ball on fingers of left hand in full view of audience. Thumb is nearest audience.

Bring ball over to right hand and apparently place it there.

Figure 20 shows movement as you see it, and not as audience sees it.

As you close right fingers supposedly over ball, Finger Palm ball in left hand. Turn palm of hand downward, and as you do so, push ball into position between palm and thumb.

Figure 21 shows view away from audience.

Right hand is carried away as though it contains the ball. Left hand is kept with back to audience to conceal ball.

Figure 22.

Pretend to toss ball into the air with right hand. Open both hands and hold as in Figure 23. Palm of right hand is exposed and left fingers are straight out, giving impression that left hand is also empty.

"Was a worse rounder than the world itself."

Produce ball from inner side of right knee with left hand. Hold ball on left fingers.

Figure 24 shows hand as audience sees it.

Place right hand over ball. This view shows hands as audience sees them.

Figure 25.

Turn left hand with back to audience. Pretend to take ball with right hand, twisting hand over so that fingers extend to right.

Figure 26.

Carry right hand away, closed and with back to audience. Move hand upward and turn left side of body slightly to audience.

Figure 27.

Turn right palm to audience and show hand to be empty and ball to have vanished.

"You could never tell where Adam was. Pardon? I understood someone to say that he wandered around to my pocket."

Reach into rear right trousers' pocket and remove the ball with shell over it in right hand. Hold between thumb and forefinger so that front of shell is exposed to audience and edge is concealed.

Figure 2 8.

"Yes, there's Adam."

Your left side is to the audience and you have a ball palmed in your left hand. With thumb and forefinger gripping edge of shell on ball in right hand, turn right hand upward to show palm empty.

Bring hand back to position shown in Figure 28. "So the Lord took one of Adam's ribs "

Bring second finger of right hand down under ball. Finger should have second joint pressed firmly upward on ball.

Figure 29.

Figure 30 shows a side view away from audience.

Press shell between thumb and first finger and press ball between first and second fingers. Using second joint of second finger as a pivot, raise ball upward with finger until it is in position shown in Figure 31. Shell remains between thumb and first finger and ball comes between first and second fingers.

This move is not difficult and you will have it mastered after practicing it a few times.

Thus you have mysteriously produced another ball. "And made Eve."

Bring left hand up to right hand and take ball from between first and second fingers. As you do so, slip palmed ball from left hand into shell in right hand. This is an important move in Billiard Ball Manipulation and it is very easy to do.

Figure 32.

Separate two hands and show a ball in each. "Adam and Eve."

Knock the two balls together to show that they are solid. Then replace ball from left hand between first and second fingers of right hand.

Figure 33.

"No doubt, you remember Adam's first Christmas Eve. It was then that Eve brought Adam "

Bring third finger of right hand down under upper ball. Figure 34.

Bring third finger upward and second finger downward, pivoting the ball to position between third and fourth fingers. First and second fingers are now together.

Figure 35.

Turn hand so that audience can see empty palm.

Now bring ball side of shell and ball between first and second fingers. Grip ball well between these two fingers. Grip shell between thumb and first finger.

Figure 36.

Begin to turn hand so that back will be toward audience, and as you do so, get shell off ball and into position between thumb and first finger. You have mysteriously produced a third ball.

Figure 37.

"An apple."


The method I have given you for producing the third ball is effective for the balls are held close together and the appearance of the third shows up well. However, there is another method for producing the third ball which may fit some fingers better at first until the fingers limber up.

Here is the other method:

After second ball is produced and the two balls struck together, replace ball in right hand between third and fourth fingers instead of between first and second.

Figure 38.

Turn hand and show palm empty. As you turn hand back to position again, get second finger under ball and lift it out of shell and into position between first and second fingers.

Figure 39. Try both methods and adopt the one that you can do the better.

Figure 40.

"Now, Adam preferred ham and eggs for supper, but Eve insisted that an apple diet was far healthier as an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Reach up with left hand and pretend to remove ball between first and second fingers. Under cover of left hand, slip ball into shell.

Figure 40.

Close left hand and carry it away as though it held the ball. Two balls are left in right hand and the illusion of removing a ball is perfect.

Figure 41.

Turn right hand over casually to show empty palm. "So Adam ate the apple."

Bring left hand to mouth and pretend to place ball inside. Push tongue into cheek to make it bulge as if ball were really in mouth.

Figure 42.

Remove left hand and show it empty. Then push bulge of cheek in with left forefinger and pretend to swallow ball.

"Naturally, swallowing a big bite gave Adam indigestion and his trouble commenced. It was really too bad that chiropractic treatments had not been invented at that time for if Adam had been instructed to strike himself on the first lumbar vertebra "

Strike small of your back with left hand. Then reach into left trousers' pocket and bring out the ball concealed there. Show it to audience.

"He could have taken it out here."

Place ball just produced between first and second fingers of right hand. As you do so, steal ball from shell and Finger Palm it in left hand.

"Oh, by the way, did I ever tell you about the beautiful daughter Adam and Eye had? Her name was Clementina."

With left forefinger point to three balls in right hand.

"There you are -- Adam and Eve and Clementina."

"One Sunday evening a young gentleman came to call on Clementina."

Figure 43.

Produce ball in left hand suddenly at left finger-tips.

Figure 43.

Place ball between third and fourth fingers of right hand.

Figure 44.

"Now mother leaves the room."

Reach up with left hand and pretend to take the ball from between first and second fingers of right hand. As left hand covers ball, Finger Palm it in left hand and then slip it into shell.

Figure 45.

Carry left hand away as if it held ball. Turn right hand over to show it empty, then back to position again.

Open left hand gracefully and show ball has vanished. Reach up with left hand and remove ball from between second and third fingers. Strike it against other two balls to show them solid. Place this ball between first and second fingers of right hand, and as you do so, steal ball from shell and Finger Palm in left hand. Bring left hand down to level of bottom of vest.

"But Adam — does Adam leave the room? Not much. He sits there, reading The Chicago American (or name local paper). Finally, Eve yells out, 'Oh, Adam, the beer is boiling over,' so Adam gets up "

Vanish ball from between first and second fingers by bringing it down into shell. This is easy to do by merely reversing movement of the production from the shell. The lowering of the second finger pivots the ball into the shell. Now show empty palm of right hand.

"Leaves the room "

Turn back of right hand to audience again. "And goes down cellar."

With left hand, reach behind left knee and produce the ball already Palmed in that hand.

"But realizing it would never do to let Adam stay down cellar, Eye took Adam up the back stairway "

Place ball up under right side of coat, apparently getting ball at armhole of coat, but really dropping ball into inside coat pocket.

"Into the attic and locked the door."

Remove hand from coat and let coat hang down.

"But Adam went down the front stairway "

Produce ball out of shell between first and second fingers again.

"And into the parlor again. Then satisfied that he had outwitted mother, "

Reach up with left hand and pretend to take ball from first and second fingers of right hand. Slip ball into shell. Bring left hand down as if carrying ball away. Show palm of right hand, then turn it back to position. Toss left hand into air and open it as you pretend to vanish ball into air.

"He retired upstairs."

Pick up top ball from right hand and strike the two balls together to show them solid. Replace ball between first and second fingers of right hand, and as you do so, steal ball out of shell.

"And thus Clementina and her beau were left alone. Now, it so happened that he tried to steal a kiss and she darted away."

Vanish ball in right hand by slipping it into shell. Show palm of hand, then turn it back to position. Quickly produce ball Palmed in left hand from under right elbow.

Figure 46.

"And darted over here."

Place ball from left hand between first and second fingers of right and steal other ball from shell. Then place both hands down at knees. Keep back of left hand to audience as it conceals ball. Ball and shell in right hand are kept in sight. Have legs a few inches apart so that it will not look as though a ball could be thrown in back of them.

Figure 47.

"Or an easy -- a knee-sy explanation — would be to say that she played sort of a game of "

With throwing motion of right hand, vanish ball into shell and produce ball from under left knee by turning left hand and exposing ball to audience.

Figure 4 8.

"Hide and seek."

Turn left side of body to audience again and place ball from left hand between first and second fingers of right, stealing ball from shell again with left hand.

"As it is getting rather late, Clementina's caller calls a taxicab."

Reach into left coat pocket, leave ball there, and bring out silk handkerchief. Hold silk by corner in left hand. Bring right hand down to position shown in Figure 49.

Be careful in moving right hand around not to expose edge of shell.

"So he kisses her goodnight."

Reach behind handkerchief with right hand to conceal balls.

Figure 50.

Let handkerchief drop on right hand. Figure 51.

Pretend to pick up ball through the handkerchief with left hand. In reality, slip ball into shell and bring right hand away with one ball while left hand carries away only the silk.

Figure 52.

Grasp a corner of handkerchief between first and second fingers of right hand and snap silk from left hand, showing that ball has vanished. Place silk in left hand again as in Figure 49. Suddenly reach behind silk with right hand. Bring ball out of shell into first and second finger position and bring out hand, showing two balls. This should be done quickly.

"He started to go but came back to say good night all over again."

Place right hand behind handkerchief and vanish ball into shell again. This time shake silk with left hand and show one ball in right hand. Show palm and backs of hands.

Bring right hand over to silk in left, and under cover of handkerchief, remove shell from ball and place it in left coat pocket with handkerchief. Get ball on right fist as in Figure 9.

"Thus leaving the beautiful Clementina "

Cover ball with left hand, pretend to remove it, dropping in into right hand. See Figures 11, 12, 13. Looking at closed left hand, say:

"To hie herself upstairs."

Toss left hand into air and open it, showing that ball has vanished.

"And dream pleasant dreams. While Adam -- comes down "

Reach suddenly into the air with right hand and produce the ball at finger-tips. "To put out the cat."

The moves required to present the above routine are not difficult, but you must practice them to do them gracefully and with good showmanship. Study your ANGLES OF VISIBILITY carefully so as not to expose shell at wrong angle. Practice bringing ball in and out of shell until you can do it easily. Practice until you can put art into your work. Do not forget to look at your audience often.

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