chair and a table.


The Base of Table:

Get four boards about a quarter to three-eighths inch thick -- three-ply wood is good. Cut down two boards to 12 inches, and two to 14 inches to make the box 12 x 14 inches. Now saw the boards down to 8 inches depth and cut them up three inches to make legs as shown in Figure 1. Then fit the boards tightly together and hinge them inside with good, strong hinges in each corner. Hinges should have removable bolts so that they can be removed and box packed flat. Study Figure 1 carefully.

Special Table Top:

In the table top lies the trick. This must be built to look just like a thin table top and yet faked to conceal a rabbit.

Take another board, 16 inches long x 14 inches wide. Cut a hole in the center, 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches. Figure 2 shows you a diagram of the table top with the exact dimensions.

Now take another thin board, 16 x 14 inches. Cut out the center of this to make an opening 10 x 8 inches. Place this board on top of the board with bag so as ! to cover tacked edge of cloth. Screw or nail the two boards together. Figure 5.

Use thin, three-ply wall or furniture board, as this will not warp. Have each board one solid piece. It is well to take a little pains in constructing this table top, for if you make it well the first time, it will last.

Take a board large enough to fit the opening in the special table top and make a door. Put two hinges on one side and a catch on the other. Have the catch secure and yet one which is easy to open.

Take a piece of black cloth, large enough to hold a rabbit. Tack it all around the opening of the board to make a bag. Figure 3. Figure 4 shows side view of board with bag in it. This bag should not hang down too low or it will be exposed at bottom of the base of the table.

Figures 6 and 7.

IT IS WELL TO PAINT OR LACQUER THIS TABLE AND TOP. Use Chinese red and stripe or decorate it with black. Figure 6 shows how stripes may be painted around the table top. The strip around the edge of the door should be wide enough to camouflage the hinges and catch of the door.

The table top should look like a thin unprepared board with no suggestion of magical properties. Therefore the smaller and less visible the hinges and catch can be made, the better. It is wise to sink the hinges and catch into the wood so that they do not protrude at the top of the table.

The Box:

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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