Spirit Communication

In Lesson 8, I taught you THE MYSTERY OF THE TRAVELING NUMBERS. In this lesson I give you an interesting variation of that effect, combining it with the use of ribbon.


Two pieces of cardboard are shown to be blank on both sides. A spectator is requested to write four numbers, one on each side of the two pieces of cardboard. These slates are then wrapped with ribbon and given to a spectator to hold.

Magician now asks several spectators to write numbers of three digits, one under the other, on a small pad of paper. Another member of the audience adds these numbers. Magician then opens up the package of slates, and inside on one of the card boards has been mysteriously written the sum of the numbers.


1 -- Two pieces of heavy white cardboard, about 4 1/2 x 7 inches.

2 -- A yard of light-colored ribbon, such as light blue or pink, about five-eighths of an inch wide.

To Prepare: THE CARDS:

Take one of the pieces of cardboard and write in the center of it the numbers -- 2285. Make each number 1/2 inch high. Write them with crayon or ink.

Figure 26.

Place the card A with numbers on it on top of blank card B. Fit edges evenly together.

Figures 28A and 2i

Tie a bow in ribbon. This

Figure 27.

Take the ribbon and cover the number on the top cardboard with it. Allow about 11 inches of the ribbon to extend beyond the cardboard at the right side and the rest to hang down over the cardboard and left side.

Figure 2 8.

Now turn cards over and bring ends of ribbon together at the center. Bring left ribbon under right and up around the cards back to the center again.

Figures 28A and 2i

Tie a bow in ribbon. This the center with the knot is, of course, two ends of on card B.

The audience sees two blank cards tied with a piece of ribbon and suspect nothing unusual about them.


On one side of Pad write in pencil the following numbers under each other, in the same way that you did in preparing the card in Lesson 8:

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