Mysterious Ball Transposition

There have been many descriptions written for this effect in which a red ball is wrapped in a piece of paper or handkerchief and a black ball is wrapped in another paper or handkerchief, and upon command the balls change places. I have seldom seen it performed, however. I have myself tried out several methods, but the effect proved to be somewhat lifeless and so I discarded them. I finally worked out this method which is clean-cut, snappy, and gives a chance for applause at the end. The suspicious moves are eliminated -- the effect is sped up and has entertainment value.


Performer freely shows a red and a green billiard ball, a red and a green handkerchief, and two glass tumblers. Performer wraps the green ball in the green handkerchief and places it in one of the glasses. The red ball is wrapped in the red handkerchief and placed in the other glass. Magician suddenly whisks the green handkerchief from the glass, showing the red ball whirling in the glass and then whisks the red handkerchief from the other glass, showing the green ball there.

PARAPHERNALIA: 1 -- 1 green billiard ball 1 red billiard ball

1 red shell

2 -- One green silk handkerchief One red silk handkerchief

Silks must be heavy enough so that audience cannot see color of ball through them.

3 -- Two glass tumblers

4 -- A table -- a card table is suitable for many occasions


Show the two glasses, the two silks, and two balls freely. Shell is on red ball.

Place glasses on table about 18 inches apart. Place silks on table within easy reach.

Place red ball with shell between thumb and first finger of right hand, shell facing audience. Place green ball between first and second fingers. Show hands freely for audience must be convinced that you use only two balls. Then pick up green silk and place it over left hand.

Figure 69.

Figure 70

Bring left hand over to right and pretend to take green ball in center of handkerchief. In reality, slip red ball out of shell into handkerchief and drop green ball into red shell.

Figure 70

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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