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This act requires the use of an assistant. In some cases, he is used behind the stage; in other cases, he is used to go through the audience with paper and pencils. Then again when a lady assistant is used, she is often placed on the stage to answer questions while performer goes down through the audience to check up on people wanting information. This act can, however, be presented by the performer alone if he has a few minutes' time between acts.


Pads of paper and pencils are passed out through the audience, and spectators are requested to write anything they choose on the paper. They may write telephone numbers, addresses, names, questions, or make drawings. Then they are told to tear off the paper, fold it, and place it in their pockets. Performer or assistants at no time touch this paper on which is written the information or question. In spite of this, Magician is able to sit on the stage and tell what spectators have written and to go about answering questions. If a drawing has been made, Magician takes a pad of paper or goes to a blackboard and draws a duplicate.


1--Pads of paper. Get 2 or 3 dozen at a stationery store. A handy one is 3x5 ins. in size and has perforated upper edges so paper can be easily torn off. Upper part of pad above perforation is stapled together, which facilitates working.

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