Book And A Card

This impromptu Rising Card Effect can be done anywhere at a moment's notice. It is surprising and puzzling in its effect.


A card is dropped inside of a book. Magician shows the book on both sides and his empty hands to the audience. Suddenly the card rises up in a bewildering fashion from the book.


2--A book. SECRET AND PATTER: To Perform:

Run through the pages of the book to show that nothing is concealed. Then give book to a spectator to hold.

"Would you mind holding this book? You don't have to read it."

Give deck of cards to another spectator and ask him to select a card.

"Just take out any card from the pack."

Take book from first spectator and open it about in the middle. Request that second spectator drop card into book.

"Please drop the card into the book. By the way, did everyone see what the card was?"

Pick up card with right hand. Hold book in left hand with one side toward audience in a vertical position. Figure 24.

"The Five of Diamonds."

Name the card, whatever it happens to be.

Hold book as in Figure 24 with front cover facing audience. Hold card in right hand in readiness for BACK PALMING. The position of the book should screen your right hand. Figure 25.

"I'll drop it into the book again."

As you say this, you apparently drop the card into the book. Your hand makes the motion. It is thus brought back of the cover of the book, which is in a vertical position and screens right hand. As soon as hand is screened, BACK PALM the card. Figure 26.

BACK HAND PALMING is taught to you in Lesson 17 under the effect, FLASH CARD PRODUCTION. By this time you should be proficient in performing it. It is a very important principle and must be mastered.

Now raise right hand with card Back Palmed out of the book and close book with left hand. Show palm of right hand empty and show book on both sides to audience. Figure 27.

Turn book up to vertical position again. Bring your right hand back again behind the book. Manipulate the card back to finger tips and place it against the back cover of the book. Hold it there with tips of fingers. Figure 2 8.

Swing book around to upright position, taking care not to expose card at the back. Now hold card with thumb of right hand. Figure 29.

Bring up left hand and place left thumb against card, fingers in front of book. Now place right hand at lower right-hand corner of book. Figure 30.

"Do you remember the old song, 'I'd rather be on the outside looking in than on the inside looking out?' or something of that kind. That is the reason why when you place a Five Spot inside it comes outside."

With left thumb push up card behind book. Audience cannot see movement of your thumb in pushing card. Be sure to hold book at such an angle that upper rear edge is not visible so that audience cannot see that card does not come from inside of the book. Figure 31.

The illusion from the front is perfect. The audience sees your two hands holding the book closed and the selected card apparently rising from the middle of the book. Figure 32.

Remove card with right hand.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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