the upper edge. the lower edge. the left-hand edge. the right-hand edge.

Figure 4

When card is turned over with face uppermost, A is still the upper edge and B the lower edge. But C is now the right-hand edge, and D is the left-hand edge. Figure 5.

Regardless of what position the card is in, the edges bear the same letters.

The corners of the card are designated by a combination of the letters of the two sides forming the corner. With back of card up:

AC -- upper left corner.

AD -- upper right corner.

BC -- lower left corner.

BD -- lower right corner.

Figure 6.

When face of card is up, corners retain their original letters, merely reversing position. Thus,

AD becomes upper left corner,

AC -- upper right corner,

BD -- lower left corner,

BC -- lower right corner.

Figure 7.

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