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Crypto Ultimatum

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Theater of the Mind

Day when I was aboutfifteen years old, she showed me a copy of bit magazine in which there was a story about a totally blind, seventy-five-year-old woman in Kief, Russia, who could tetl the colors and even sense printed letters by touch. The article had a picture of this wrinkled peasant woman reading a newspaper, with her fingertips. She, according to the article, could also read the serial numbers on any currency when bills were placed with the numbers down, on a hard surface. Sometimes she could even sense these numbers through sez-eral layers of paper.

May 2001 Seven Year Itch

Barry Price has come up with a nifty gimmick to vanish a coin or any small, flat object (playing card, currency, credit card). The gimmick is a variation on our old friend the elastic pull, but the clip that actually holds the object is unusual and provides a very firm grip. It takes only a second to change the object in the clip, so the Pull-eez could be used

January 2001 Melt Down

Mastering the Art of Magic also contains some excellent magic, including Brain-Waived, Matt Schulien's Card Under the Tablecloth, A Voodoo Ritual (a routine I use all the time), and Dracula and the Sorority Girls. In addition, Eugene and David Parr have devised a new method for the Grant Slow Motion Bill Transposition. This is good news, because the change in U.S. currency has made the old method unworkable.

Youre a Green One Mr Minch

Magicians who have wanted to add this trick to their stand-up repertoires have had difficulty finding the jumbo bills. (Apparently, the jumbo bills were easy to find when I started doing the trick years ago today they are scarce.) Now Obie O'Brien is offering Passing the Buck in both Canadian and American jumbo currency. I have only seen the Canadian version, and the bills Obie provides are 9.25 inches long and 4 inches tall. Each bill is laminated. Because of the method of lamination, it may be necessary to clean the bills before performing. Also, it may be necessary to use some talcum powder on the bills to facilitate some of the moves. Included are two routines, Obie O'Brien's presentation, and the original Larry West version. The original West routine used 1, 2, 5, and 10-dollar bills. The bills Obie provides you are 10, 20, 50 and 100-dollar bills. For those of you who have been looking for bills for this trick and are now jumping up and down with excitement, I'm afraid I'm going...

Life on the Wrong Side of the Brain

Side Secret Pocket

After catching my breath, I glanced around, looking for a currency exchange. There was none in sight. Suddenly, I spotted the baggage room at the other end of the station. I couldn't carry the six cases one more step, so I left two of the heaviest ones sitting next to a woman with several small children, figuring that the bags would pass for hers. I carried the remaining four suitcases to the baggage room. I yelled to the attendants, Please watch my luggage, I've got to go back and get two more When I returned moments later, I found one case was missing. It was a metal camera case containing all of the apparatus used during the lecture. It was irreplaceable. I screamed at the attendants, why didn't they watch my luggage You guessed it They didn't speak a word of English. The case was GONE, and I wanted to die on the spot.

Folding Money Fooling

By now you should be well aware of the fact that I'm a big fan of combining origami and magic. One of the gurus of origami-magic is Robert Neale, author of Tricks of the Imagination, co-author of Magic and Meaning, and columnist for the Linking Ring. In Folding Money Fooling, Mr. Neale offers 19 magical models which can be folded from standard United States currency. They are all charming, ingenious, and well worth your time.

By Larry Becker Mark StrtVmgs And Robert Waller

You will need to acquire some currency that has some very specific requirements. Starting today, look at every bill that comes into your possession. You will need several that are in fairly new condition and have only four digits in the serial number, two of those digits being a 6 and a 9. The other digits can be anything. For example I have one in front of me now that reads A68966368D. There are only four digits present there 6, 9, 8, and 3.

Telepathy With The Queen

Canada is blessed with some rather beautiful currency. Our newer twenty dollar bills, in particular, lend themselves perfectly to effects such as this. Queen Elizabeth II appears on the face of the bill and the serial numbers on its back. My poor American friends will have to adapt this routine to suit their mundane and monochrome bills. Unfortunately, serial numbers are on the same side as the dead president. Fortunately however, on the reverse side, without the serial numbers, there are mysterious eyes and pyramids which could lend themselves to a mystical routine of some sort- Fll leave it to American ingenuity to come up with an appropriate alternative to what follows. Relatively crisp ones would be ideal A few bills would be perfect. That's great it looks like we have three different ones. So no one will doubt the fairness of this test we 7 mix up the bills so there can be no doubt later about the uniqueness of the currency. Please trade bills...

Splendid New Routine For This Trick Appeared In The October Issue

In brief the effect is that a lady out shopping lays some coins on the counter of a shop, and covers them with her hanky. As she spends she takes the coins from under the hanky and passes them to the shopkeeper. Suddenly she removes the hanky, only to find all the coins still remain on the counter INDEED IT IS CURIOUS CURRENCY Coins may be examined. No sleight of hand required. Mechanical effect. Complete.

Presentation II

What about your coin with the green cross The date was 1975. Take it out and examine it, see if everything is all right with it. If it has traveled through the fourth dimension, it must have changed somehow. Look at it carefully. Yes, it is bent. The teeth of time have bitten your coin. That's how hard our currency is.

Manila Miracle

You must number the envelopes in VERY LARGE digits, as large as possible so that the folks in the last row can see what is going on. Stack the five envelopes one atop the other. Fold a piece of currency in eighths (about the size of a postage stamp) and place it beneath the flap of the top envelope. The large fold of the bill should be toward the bottom of the envelope. This is the side which will go into the envelope first. The large fold goes in first because there is less possiblility of an edge catching during the move.

Buying Online

If you intend purchasing magic online, be especially careful of shipping charges, and the provision of a secure server. For example, shipping charges could in some instances cost more than the items you order, if you inadvertently buy from the other side of the world Even if foreign dealers present prices in your local currency, you should still beware of potentially high shipping costs

Telephone Bill

At a recent banquet date at an exclusive Arizona resort, the audience was a medical practice group from Cincinnatti. I approached one of the doctors during the cocktail hour prior to the banquet and asked if he could give me a dollar bill for four quarters. As he reached into his wallet to extract the currency, I withdrew from my pocket a packet of manila coin envelopes. Before he could hand me the dollar bill, I gave him a felt tip pen and asked him to write across Washington's forehead any telephone number from his memory.

Double Bill

A randomly selected participant from the audience writes a phone number on a piece of currency from his wallet. After he folds it to conceal the number within, it is given to another person for verification. The Mentalist not only determines the correct phone number, but also divines the serial number on the borrowed bill

Kent Arthur

Actually, however, it la really very easy to distinguish bogus currency by a method used by Persian money changers for century upon century past. This method was discovered by an old Persian sage and it was proved effective even with the crude monies of ancient times. Saying that it is easy to detect the fake by the ancient Persian method the performer gives the spectator half the bills retaining the others. They are all face (picture) side down. (In these U.S. currency of 1 value is printed in black Ink on its face and green on its back.) The magician nov requests the spectator, Do exactly as I do. Taking the first bill he turns it face up and places it on the bottom of hi3

Money Telepathy

It is your accomplice who actually places the cup over the coin. He places the cup down in such a way that the position of the handle tells you the value of the hidden coin as shown in the illustration. Before doing this trick, you must agree with your accomplice which handle position will be at the 12 o'clock position or you may read the signal upside down and that could prove disastrous This trick can of course be performed using any currency.

Quite The Reverse

1 would explain that this note had a history, that it was found floating in the River Tyne way back in the war days, when a German submarine somehow managed to sink an English ship in that river. The boat was on its way to China with a load of Chinese currency which had been printed in England, actually by Thomas De La Rue Company. The former details about the submarine are quite true and the latter details about the printing, well, you would be able to see that for yourself.

Viva Where

John Luka's company, Magic by Mail, has released the first six routines in the Ron Bauer Private Studies series. They are Gadabout Coins Revisted, a handling of the classic Two in the hand, One in the pocket effect Sudden Death Gypsy Curse, a routine using Peter Kane's Gypsy Curse cards Cross to the Feminine Side, a miniature Out of this World effect with a topical patter line Butch, Ringo, & the Sheep, a handling of the venerable Thieves and Sheep trick Hornswoggled Again, a short-change routine with paper currency and Ode to Poker Dan, a miniature all-backs routine culminating in the production of five aces.

L Vosburgh Lyons

Are always of interest to an audience. This original exchange which is the last word in constant visibility can be used for any number of tricks which require substitution either for another bill, or a dummy. In the latter case we would like to go on record as never having seen a dummy bill which could be considered a safe counterpart. We speak, naturally, as safe pertains to entertainment purposes only. Fertaining to dummies we know of those who have torn a one inch strip from the end of a bill and used the piece to cover a folded paper out bill size. The major portion of said bill was passed in at the bank, for the government accepts any wrecked currency as long as it still includes both of the serial numbers. The excuse which seems most logical to those who have resorted to such means for making an acceptable dummy is that it happened when the pay envelope was torn open the piece apparently being tossed away and noticed gone too late for reoapture.

Part Three

Person might find herself performing involuntary acts, one person may reveal the thoughts of another or demonstrate some esoteric knowledge. These are simple notions, and they demand very simple performance. They only have value when any physical channels of communication are clearly absent. There may be ways of making small pieces of folded paper psychologically invisible, but I felt that to begin with that familiar currency was compromising too early. I decided to start with the highest ideals and see how far I could move towards them without compromising on those aspects of the performance tangible or visible to the audience. If a spectator is to concentrate upon a word and I am to reveal it, then there is no reason to involve books, however appealing the gaffed volumes or brilliant the handling may be. There is no reason why the subject should not just think of something - anything at all. Compromise can come later, but not where it will be visible to the audience. Similarly, if I...

The Versadex Wallet

The Best Kids Valentines Day Cards Ever

The Versadex Wallet enables you to do the impossible. To top it off, it's beautifully made and fashioned from the highest quality English black calf leather. The wallet contains four compartments for four credit cards (authentic faux credit cards are supplied) plus two horizontal pockets to hold the folded slip and your paper currency. Several routines included. It measures closed, 4 wide x 6-3 4 long. Like all of my creations, your satisfaction is guaranteed of your money back. The Versadex Wallet is a very versatile index wallet. Beautifully made in fine English leather by Roy Roth, as conceived by Larry Becker, the Versadex cleverly utilizes the so called Himber principle to switch from a legitimate looking interior replete with credit cards, currency pocket and a small pocket to hold a folded slip of paper to a second side containing twelve 4 x 4-3 4 folded slips of paper in six pockets, three on either panel. You're now going to remove 26 of the remaining 39 odd cards. Be sure to...

Serai Kiiier

The performer requests the assistance of someone from the audience, who joins him on stage. He next asks for everyone in the first few rows of the audience who has any paper currency on them to bring out a bill and hold it high in the air. The assisting spectator freely points to anyone with a bill and is sent out to that person with an envelope. The bill is sealed in the envelope and left with its owner, all while the performer remains on stage. Nevertheless, he proceeds to divine the serial number on the sealed bill.

The Flasher

There are few mental effects that are as clean as this. Imagine taking a beautifully crafted wallet from your hip pocket. Without any hesitation, you immediately toss the wallet into the audience, asking the person who caught it to open it. Inside the wallet are several pockets, credit cards, and currency. In one small pocket, a card is protruding with the words Your Thought printed on it. Remember, the wallet you toss into the audience may be freely handled by the spectator. The pocket containing the card the spectator writes on is isolated from the exterior of the wallet by several thicknesses of leather, currency and credit cards. This is dynamite and it's clean as a pin. Nothing is added or taken away. No sleights. No forces. No nail writing. What's more, this is just one of many different routines that are possible with the Incredible Wallet. You can predict Open the wallet and note that the card on the right as you look at it, is the prediction card. You will note that there is...

Magic Qa Jtaund

Do you remember the old type of note-case (used very much when this country first produced currency notes during the first World War) the type based on the old Jacob's Ladder principle, with one ribbon one side and two the other. Old, you may say, but how old Among the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci recently exhibited at Burlington House, there is a picture of a boy holding such a novelty pocket book and tucked in one side is a small feather

Diffusion Principle

To begin, the Becker Coin Purse is a leather, spring top purse which has been cleverly gimmicked by placing an extra pocket on one side. The top edge of this secret pocket is even with the stitching along the bottom edge of the encased springs which keep the purse closed. Holding the purse between the left thumb and index finger, the purse can be made to open in two ways. One accesses the true interior of the purse, the other permits you to access the interior of the secret pocket. From the audience's vantage point, the appearance of the purse in either of the two open conditions is identical. In short, the purse enables you to secretly and effectively exchange objects such as paper currency, billets, coins, etc. right under a spectator's nose.

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