Submodalities are the aspects of the internal representational systems that support any process. In order to fully understand, and manipulate, someone's behavior, you must first realize HOW that person is doing it on the inside of his or her head. Imagine everyone's brain as one big 3D Hologram. In that hologram people make decisions, have feelings, think, create, fantasize, etc.. Your mission is to extract the exact PROCESS that someone goes through to create the outcome they are getting. In order to get that information, you must ask questions.

One of the most valuable aspects is the LOCATION of any internal experience. Up, down, behind, in my stomach, from my toe, in front of my face, etc.

Other submodalities.

The important questions to elicit submodality locations are:

3. Is it a feeling, sound, or picture?

4. If you could just point to where that (feeling, picture, or sound) comes from (is)? Option #1: Movine Pictures

5. Have you experienced Y. (This might be some unpleasant or forgotten memory.)

6. Elicit its location using the above steps.

7. Move their internal representations around to match your outcomes.

ex. Put you image where they feel in love, put current lover's image in the place they store stuff they forgot about.

Ontion #2: The Storv Metaphor

8. You tell a story about how someone else experienced X.

9. Describe the PROCESS of experiencing X, (use embedded commands, here.)

Here,you could say how they moved the pictures.

10. Shift the submodalities. (Be gentle, if you move someone's internal pictures without consent you will notice a abrupt negative state change (anger.)


1. Have your ever experienced X?

2. .Go inside and see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how it felt, and when those feelings of X reach their peak, simply wiggle your fmger for me. (Choose any signal.)

3. Anchor that peak state as signal goes. (words with specific tonality or touch.)

4. Think of something neutral like my shirt

5. Fire off anchor unexpectedly. Watch for response neurologically. (smile, eyes, posture, etc.)

6. Repeat process until anchor works.

Sample Seduction:

Have you ever fallen madly in love? As you remember that time when you fell madly in love, and you see a picture of it, if you were to where you see that picture NOW, where might you be pointing?

As you just keep thinking about that, space as I talk to you, simply allow my words to come from that space, imagine that you would really start to feel absolutely fantastic.(Kre anchor)

In fact, you may notice somewhere inside you want to create an opening for my words. So if I were to say to you,'Watch what happens as you put a picture of you and me together in a very special ,way, right there in that space," notice how special that feels. (Fire anchor).

If you couldjust think about what really turns you on (point to that place), it can allow you to COME (fire anchor) to the same conclusion over and over again (fire anchor) that what you really want is to create on opening for DESIRE (fire anchor), create a place for ecstasy (fire anchor), and focus on the energy that swells up inside you, don't you feel that way now? (Fire anchor. Enjoy the ride.)

Elicit The Love Strategy

Can you remember a time when you felt totally loved? A specific time? As you go back to that time and experience it NOW

(Get the person into state.)

order for you to feel these deep feelings to love, is it absolutely necessary for your partner to show you he/she loves you by...

taking you places?

buying you things?

In order for you to feel this deep feelings of love, is it absolutely necessary for your partner to . . . tell you s/he loves you in a certain way?

touch you in a certain way?

Judge the answers by the congruency in physiology.

Now, elicit the submodality? How specifically? Let's pretend it was your job to teach-me to have the same feelings you do, exactly what do you do inside your brain to create that state? (Refer to Submodalities)


Have you ever felt that intense feeling of being in love?

When you think about that person that could be responsible for you having that feeling again instantly, you begin to realize in that special way that only you know how that..hhmmm. . . that is the one. As you think about that special meeting and making that decision, you will find yourself yearning to have that feeling again. Over and Over and Over. That's right.. Right there in your_(stomach, chest, heart, etc.). Each time you think of his/her face, that feeling just overtakes your body and you begin to melt. That's when you know you are starting to fall in love. Isn't that a great feeling?"

I'm wondering if it really possible to have those feelings again at the snap of the fingers? (snap)

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