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It is an excitement at getting to know each other. It is sometimes curiosity mixed with fear of rejection. Have you ever been shy or afraid to approach someone? If yes, this mental exercise will solve that problem? To make it work very quickly, choose the first event, that when disconnected will cause the problem to disappear. When you have that event clearly inside your mind, ask yourself how do you create these feelings inside?

o yc Wh ere is that feeling located?

What do you say to yourself?

Where is that voice coming from? What do you see inside your mind?

Point to that picture, write down the location.

You must be AT EASE, before you can makesomeone else feel AT EASE.


Swish pattern for shyness.

Choose a time when you experienced the inhibiting emotions and didn't approach or take action. Note the submodalities. Voice, color, size, sounds, feelings, etc. Notice the sequence that they appear.

Clear your mind.

Choose a time when you performed the desired behavior perfectly. Perhaps in a different context. IE: You walked over to talk to someone at the grocery store. Behavior is the same, context is different.

Note the submodalities. Note the location.

On the count of three, take the 1st event and send it so far out in the distance it is just a small hole of light. Then, suck it back into the 2nd event's picture location/ frame covering up and taking over the entire submodalities of the 2nd event. (Size, location, border, color, etc.) As the picture locks into place, hear that strong powerful voice inside your head say "go for it."

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