Metaprograms are the keys to the way a person processes information. They consist of internal patterns that determine how he forms his internal representations and directs his behavior. They are the internal programs (sorts) we use to decide what to pay attention to. We distort, ignore, generalize, and delete information because the conscious mind can only pay attention to so many pieces of information at any given time. Metaprograms gives us powerful clues to how we process information.

All metaprograms are context and stress related If you have 10-15 years experience doing something, you will most likely work from an internal frame of reference on that subject. However, if it is your first time doing something, you may not have such a strong internal frame of reference about what is right and wrong in that context.

Motivational Strategies - Pain vs. Pleasure

Move toward pleasure"You should love me because.. I'm kind, gentle, and good in bed."

Move away from pain "You will miss out on one of the most amazing and interesting men you ever could have dated if you don't give me your phone number right now!" - Brett Baggett

(Example: Lighter & Hand)

Applies to ALL DECISIONS. For example say you are considering attending my 2-Day Seminar so you can use these techniques.

If you respond by moving toward pleasure I would say "Imagine the confident feelings you will have when you leave my seminar after investing two days of your time to be able to walk up to any stranger and develop instant rapport, turn "just friends" into lovers, and use language to create states of wanton lust with anyone you choose!"

On the other hand, if you ate motivated by avoiding pain "STOP.. . and listen to how you would be persuaded to buy."

"If you consider all the time and money you have wasted over the years with dead end relationships, bad dates, and people walking all over you, doesn't it just seem natural to END THAT PAIN and do something about it? Deciding now to register and learn my techniques for persuasion can guarantee that you never have to experience that negative, painful, embarrassing DATING HELL ever again!"

Which approach best motivates you to attend the seminar?

If you learn how someone is motivated, you will always know how to get them to take action.

Frame of Reference Internal Frame of Reference.

(Cross correlation: short, retraced loop d: independent thinker)

"Only you know, inside, how fast you and I can begin to feel totally connected."

External Frame of Reference. (Cross correlation: large loop d stem: sensitive to criticism)

"Most of my past girl/boyfriends have said that one of my best qualities is how comfortable they instantly feel and how rapidly they begin to feel that chemistry., .that attraction. I'm not sure what it is about me or if that same feeling could be happening right now. That's just how other's saw me. What do you think?'

Sorting by Self or Sorting by others.

This correlates nicely with an FA/AB slanted writer. Those people tend to sort by self. However, the DE/E+ is not always others sorters, they just are very receptive to other's emotional stimuli. This metaprogram is difficult to define and utilize beyond the typical self-centered or not self-centered labels.

Matchers & Mismatchers

Use the relationship sort between three objects. Use coin or square question. "Describe the relationship between the three figures." Matchers = similarity

Mismatchers = differences (These people are a pain in the ass if taken to an extreme!) Convincer Metaprogram

What does it take to convince somebody that something is true. This is very useful to persuade someone that you are indeed being honest, in love, or being loyal. Example. What does it take to convince someone that you are in love with him? (How often must you show, touch, say, or express?)

1. Figure out what consistently convinces someone. First, find out what sensory building blocks he needs to become convinced.

"How do you know when someone else is good at a job? Do you have to..."

a. see them or watch them do it b. hear about how good they are.

c. do it with them d. read about their abilities.

2. Discover how often he must receive this stimuli in before becoming convinced?

"How often does someone have to demonstrate he's good before you are convinced?" a. immediately b. a number of times c. over a period of time d. consistently

Possibility vs. Necessity

Very similar to toward and away from strategy. Just use the key words to motivate. 'It is absolutely necessary that you stop smoking or you will die!"

Eliciting Criteria

Criteria is what a person uses to decide if something is good or bad. It is what drives a person to take action or avoid it. The more closely you or your product matches the person's criteria, the more impact you will have. For influence purposes, the more you refer to their criteria and link in to your product, service, proposal, the more powerful your impact will be.

To Elicit Criteria, Ask This Question:

• What's important about_to you?

1. What's important about relationships to you?

2. What's. important about a boyfriend to you?

3. What's important about money to you?

4. What's important about learning these influence skills?

Don't stop with one question. You ask it repeatedly to get a hierarchy of information to completely match all there needs for making a comfortable decision. You may what else is important to you about_? Once you get at least two answers, ask which of the two is most essential in_. I say, "Of (answer #1) and (answer #2). which one is absolutely necessary in_"

Fill in the blanks with your criteria learning this seminar information.

Most important (1) to least important (4). The Function of Criteria

AU criteria serves to move toward something or away form something. In Metaprograms, this is often referred to as moving toward pleasure or away from pain. Each answer will give you clues to which direction they are moving. You can also, come out and ask what it will do for them.


Peoplethat are motivated toward a goal use words like: attain, achieve, goals, include, accomplish, solutions, opportunities, more, etc.

Away From

People that are motivated away from pain use words like: avoid, end, get away, evade, exclude, stop, etc.

The question you will ask to determine move toward/away metaprogram is.. . "What will having (name their criteria) do for you?"

Move Toward Answers:

Q What will having more money do for you? A, It will enable me to buy what I want?

Q. What will falling in love do for you?

A. It makes me feel important and gushy all over.

Q. What will mastering these skills do for you? A. It will enable me to attract the lover of my dreams.

Q. What will a relationship do for you.

A. I want to feel gain a sense of unconditional love.

Move Away From Answers:

What will having more money do for you? It will keep the credit bureau from harassing me.

What will falling in love do for you? It will keep me from being alone.

What will mastering these skills do for you? A. Mastering these skills will enable me to stop feeling helpless around the opposite sex.

What will a relationship do for you. A. I want to stop being lonely.

Exercise: Elicit someone criteria for a successful relationship.

Explain the criteria below. Direction

1. Toward/ Away From

2. Toward/ Away From

3. Toward/ Away From.

What is your own criteria for relationships?

Write a persuasive phrase to convince your partner that dating you will satisfy their criteria in a relationship?

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