List of other words in the Adverb/ Adjective Presuppositions Category:

some readily already boundless immediately all infinite(ly)

many unlimited usually enormous unbounded vast repeatedly endless begin easily naturally continue begin still finally most truly huge immeasurable limitless instinctively intuitive spontaneous

Awareness / Experience Category

Saying one of these words ignites the process. Again everything that follows is presupposed to be true. These words force the issue of not will you do X (whatever you suggest), but are you aware that X.

Magic words:




By the way, as you gain proficiency using these words, this scenario will never happen, however, if it does - here's what to do. Let's say you ask the question, "Are aware that.. and the person you're persuading says, NO. You simply respond with, "Oh, not yet, huh?'


1. Try to avoid thinking about a green mouse. (Try = Fail)

2. The more you begin to construct in your mind the ways you'll be using these phrases on your date, the more you'll begin to realizing the explosively effective techniques you now possess.

3. Are you starting to experience the levels of passion you always knew our relationship could bring?

4. Becoming aware of the potentials of our relationship allows you to start experiencing the inner sense of realizing how completely we fit each other's needs.

5. I'll beginning to wonder if you realize the unlimited possibilities our relationships could achieve.

6. Are you grasping the reality of this profound act of God

7. I was wondering if you mind can conceive of the power and feeling and closeness we are discovering.

Write down three examples of this pattern. Make your examples ones that you can take back with you to the "real world" and effectively use. Choose words from the list below.

List of other words in the Awareness Category: (use "ing" ending where appropriate)

realize aware know understand think feel wonder puzzle speculate perceive discover experience accomplish fulfill grasp reconsider consider assume grasp think realize realizing conceive perceive feel sense advise notified notice

When / Rank Category

These words use some aspects of Time and or Numbers to create the presuppositions of your choice. It is very difficult to distinguish between Time and Number as categories, so they are combined. These easiest way to define this category is through examples.

Magic words:





Right Now

1. "Before our discussion today, did you already become aware of all the things we could do together."

2. "Before we leave this place together, should we have another drink?"

3. "After you've been with me, you'll understand why I am so cocky."

4. "During our time together, could be thinking about the next time we will meet?' Exercise: Write down three of your own sentences using this pattern.



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